Friday, October 25, 2013

Favorite Fall Makeup and Beauty Products!

Hello Everyone! This has been a post that I have been meaning to do for about a month now! I've mentioned before that I really love the fall time and I have been obsessed with a lot of fall colored makeup products that I wanted to share here on my blog. I'm going to be showing my favorite fall blushes, eye shadows and nail polishes!


In the summer I tend to wear more coral and brighter pink colors, so in the Fall I go for more muted pinks, nudes and berry colors.
The first blush on the top is Nars Sin and it's a super pretty berry/dark plum color. The second blush on the top is by Mac called Pink Cult. This is a pretty nude/pink dusty rose color. The third blush (bottom) is Tarte Amazonion Clay Blush is Exposed. This is probably my most used blush as you can see I hit pan on it. It's a pretty nude color that looks great with just about anything. The last blush that I'm showing is Benefit's Rockateur Blush. This one is another nude/neutral color that's a pretty rose gold color. 

The Tarte blush didn't swatch very well, but it shows up really nice when you apply it to your cheeks.

Eye Shadow

I have been loving any eyeshadows that are red/orange or plum tones. 

These are two palettes that I have been using for Fall colors. The first one is the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. This has super pretty red and orange colors on one side and green and taupes on the other side. I love all of these colors and you can do so many different looks with them. The second platte is the Nyx Romance Palette. This one also has a lot of pretty red/orange colors that I love. 

Some more eye shadows I have been using a lot are these three single eyeshadows. The first one is the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in the color Smoldering Plum. I'm so obsessed with this one it's not even funny. The second one is the Nyx eyeshadow in the color Morocco. This is also a really pretty deep purple/plum color. The third one is a Maybelline Color Tattoo in the color Pomegranate Punk. This is a cream eyeshadow/base that is super pretty for a more dark pinkish/red look. 

Nail Polish 

From left to right- OPI Linkin Park After Dark, OPI Every Month is Octoberfest, OPI Midnight in Moscow, Morgan Taylor Birthday Suit, and Essie Merino Cool. 
Linkin Park After Dark has been a favorite of mine for years. It's a pretty dark, dark purple that is almost black. In the picture it looks black lol. I think (but could be wrong) that this color is discontinued :(. They have a new one that is called Linkin Park at Midnight that is similar, but it's not the same.
Every Month is Octoberfest is a really pretty dark purple with reddish and copper shimmer in it. It's super pretty and I just love the name of it. 
Midnight in Moscow is another one that I've loved for a few years. This one is pretty similar to the Octoberfest, but it is more red with no purple in it. It is also shimmery. 
Birthday Suit is a nude color that just goes with everything. While I love the dark colors, sometimes I just want something neutral on my nails. 
Merino Cool by Essie is a really pretty taupe/grayish color with purple undertones. It's really nice because it's also on the more neutral side, but it's darker than a nude color. 

This is all for my favorite Fall makeup items and nail polish! 
What beauty products have you been loving for Fall? 


  1. I have sin and loveee it. I need to get that new benefit blush! I had it in my hands at Ulta a couple weeks ago but put it back. I've always wanted that tarts blush for a while! I've seen quite a few people blog about the color tattoo and I need it!

    1. I love both the tarte and the benefit one but I've been using the benefit one a lot more lately! And the color tattoos are awesome!