Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 Beauty Things I Won't Apologize For Tag

Hello!! Today I am going to be doing the 5 beauty things I won't apologize for tag. I saw this tag post from Elle Sees and I was really inspired to do my own. I think this tag is really unique and I love tags like this because we get a little more personal insight on everyone!

The 5 beauty things I won't apologize for 

1. My makeup collection. This was Elle's first answer as well, but I have to completely agree with this. I know I have way too much of it, and spend way too much money on it. BUT there are far worse things to be spending money on. I love makeup and I'm passionate about it so of course I'm going to have a collection of it. 

2. My love for expensive purses. This is slightly more fashion related, but hey. I'm not saying I only buy expensive purses because I don't. But I do love my Michael Kors and Fossil. I don't buy them all the time so it's not like I'm buying a $100+ purse every month. No. I spurge once in a while because I work 55+ hours a week and why can't I reward myself sometimes?

3. Wearing my foundation slightly darker than my face. I have very pale skin, and very rarely go tanning. I like to have my foundation a tad bit darker to give my face some color. I feel better when my face doesn't look ghostly pale and my skin just looks healthier. I blend it down my neck nicely so I don't have that line on my jaw of foundation. And when I say a tad bit darker, I really mean a tad. I don't go like 3 shades darker lol. 

4. Not washing my hair everyday. I know some people think this is gross, but really it's bad to wash your hair everyday unless you have a super excessively oily hair . My hair is super dry and not washing it everyday gives my hair a chance to soak in it's natural oils. Hello dry shampoo! 

5. Taking way too much time to get ready in the morning. It's just who I am. I don't sit there and fix my hair and do my makeup because I feel like I have to. I know I don't, but I actually enjoy doing these things. It makes me happy :). 

Anyone who wants to join in on this tag please do so!! I hope you all enjoyed reading, and let me know some of the beauty things you won't apologize for!! 


  1. This is an awesome tag! I've been seeing this tag too around blogger! I love purses too and I can take so long to get ready sometimes lol. I might do this tag! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Id love to see your answers in this tag!! Thanks for reading Pilar!

  2. Hey lovely, just came across your blog and it's great!

    I'm your newest follower and looking forward to your next post! :)


  3. Great post!! No apologies, love it girl!!

  4. great tag doll !! i agree with you :) i also like to get nice purses :) xx