Friday, February 19, 2016

Morning Routine

Hi :)
For today's post I'm going to share my morning routine. I haven't done a post like this before, and I was inspired by my friend Becky who did a similar post sharing a peak into her mornings. 

Mornings are usually rushed for me because I'm not a morning person and sleep till the last minute. I seriously think there is nothing more evil than my alarming going off and making me wake up for work. So this is my routine in the morning on days that I have to work. On my days off it's essentially the same thing expect I might lay in bed for an hour (or 3) before getting up to get ready!

Ok I don't get up that early but to me  8:30 feels like 6am. I have to work at 10am so I give myself about an hour and 20 minutes. 

The very first thing I do when I get up is wash my face and put my contacts in. I use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, or if I'm feeling particularly lazy I'll just use one of the neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes. Then I go in with my toned and moisturizer. I'll do a more in depth skin care routine soon! 

Next I venture out into my kitchen and get my things ready for work. This includes my lunch, a few bottles of water, and a book. I usually have left overs from dinner for lunch or I'll make a salad with some fruit like in the picture. When I'm not busy at work I spend a lot of time reading so I always make sure to bring a book with me. 

I don't drink coffee at home because I'm a brat and like expensive lattes, so in the morning I've been drinking warm water with peppermint and lemon essential oils and a little bit of honey. This does wonders for my sinus problems and the peppermint really opens them up so I can breathe. The peppermint is from young living, and I've had a few sample packs of their lemon oil. If I don't have lemon oil, I just use lemon juice. If I get up early enough, I'll hit Starbucks or panera before work to get a coffee. 

Next is breakfast, which I usually have some waffles or cereal. These are whole grain cinnamon frozen waffles from Kashi that are gluten free, non gmo, and I believe have no dairy in them. I'm super picky about things like this so I like to make sure what I'm buying is good (or mostly). I pour a little but of maple syrup on them and yumm. 

I eat breakfast while I'm putting my makeup on. It saves time LOL. I kept things pretty light for my makeup today, and after my makeup I do my hair. I had crimped it yesterday with a waver so I pretty much just touching up some pieces so a lazy hair day. 

Oh yeah, sometimes I wake up to a kitty trying to cuddle with me :)

Do you have a morning routine? If so, share it with me in the comments! 

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