Monday, August 5, 2013

Beauty Blender Review

Hello! I recently purchased a Beauty Blender sponge at Sephora, and I have been testing it out for a few weeks now. Beauty Blenders are $20 at Sephora, but you can probably find some online at amazon or ebay for cheaper. I always wanted to try one of these, but didn't want to pay $20 for a sponge. I know there are other brands of makeup that have beauty sponges similar to these, but from the reviews I've seen/read on them they aren't as good as the original Beauty Blender. Obviously, I broke down and bought a Beauty Blender, despite the ridiculous price for a sponge. So I am going to share my review and thoughts on this and tell you if I think it was worth the $20.

I liked the little packaging it came in. I kept this so I could use it to store my Beauty Blender so it doesn't get all dirty. (well more dirty than it already is since it gets covered in foundation lol.)

To use a beauty blender, you are suppose to run it under water, and then squeeze it out so the beauty blender is damp. After the beauty blender is damp, it expands and almost doubles in size. Than you apply your foundation to your face in patting or bouncing motions. This is suppose to create a flawless finish to your face.  It is suppose to make foundation application easy, and eliminate lines and streaks in your foundation that you can get when using your fingers and a brush. You can you the pointed side on the beauty blender to get smaller areas of you face around your nose, eyes or mouth, or you can use this side to apply concealer as well. 

These pictures were taken before I used the sponge for the fist time.

The picture on the left is of the sponge when it's dry, and the right is when it's wet. I took the pictures on my hand so you could see the different in size better. Excuse the foundation on it!!

My over all thoughts on this product:

I had to test this product out with different foundations before I decided if I liked it and how I liked to use it. The best way that I found to use it is with a thicker, full coverage foundation. I love using it with my Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation. This foundation is kind of thick, so the damp sponge makes it really easy to apply and blend into your skin. It doesn't take away from the full coverage of the foundation which is why I like using it with this product the best. I also like to apply my Covergirl Outlast foundation.
I've found that if you apply lighter coverage foundations with this sponge, it doesn't work as well. I felt like the sponge soaked up more of the product, and it made the foundation even lighter coverage. 
The sponge is really soft, so it feels nice on the skin. There's no pulling or rubbing like if you apply your foundation with a brush or your fingers.
It does create a nice and flawless finish to my skin when I use it, and my foundation looks really natural. 
It easy to clean, but some foundations can stain the beauty blender. I heard the Revlon Color Stay foundation does this, so I have made sure not to use it with this. 

Was this product worth the $20?? Even though I really like it, probably not. I'm sure this could be made for a more reasonable price. I might try out some dupes for this that are cheaper and see if they work as well. 
Would I repurchase this product for $20?? Maybe. Let's see how long this product lasts before I need a new one and then we will see. If this last a long time then I'm okay paying the money for it, but if it doesn't last then I will probably not repurchase it. 


  1. I keep picking these up and setting them back down and changing my mind about them! I think next time I will buy it and give it a go!

    Lorraine xx

    1. It's definetily worth a try!! Try it out with a few different foundations if you don't like it with one or the other at first! Thanks for reading :)