Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anastasia Brow Wiz Review

Hello everyone!! I have been wanting to try the Anastasia Brow Wiz for quite some time and I finally decided to pick it up! I was previously using the Mac retractable eye brow pencil, which was a staple in my makeup routine for a while. Even though I loved this pencil there were things about it that I didn't love, so I decided to switch to the Anastasia one.

The packaging is nice and the pencil is really skinny. I love how there is a spooly at one end.

Eye brows before filling them in. My eye brows aren't horrible, but they are a little sparse and my hair is really light.

After filling in my brows. 
The color I got in this was called Medium Ash. The color matches nice with my brows, but is slightly darker.

Over all I really like this brow pencil. The tip of the brow pencil is super fine and little so it applies really nice and to the eye brows and makes them look really natural. This is one that I will probably repurchase again and again because I love it so much more than the Mac one I was using. The only down fall to this product is that it is a little but pricey at $22, where the Mac one was only $16. 
This is now a staple on my makeup routine and I highly recommend this brow pencil!

Have you tried this brow pencil before? If so leave your thoughts in the comments! 


  1. I want to try this out too because I hear so many great things about it. Your eyebrows look great!


    1. Thank you!! And you definetly should it's amazing!

  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills seriously has the BEST brow products! I love their brow gel!


    1. I'll have to try their brow gel next! I've heard it's great!