Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thankful Blogger Friends Tag!

Hello Hello!! I was tagged by both Beauty and More by Pilar and Yours Truly, NY to do this tag! I want to thank you both for tagging me!! If you would all be so kind to go check out their blogs that would be great! They both have fantastic blogs that I love reading and seeing new posts from!

YOUR BLOG (Please be specific in your answers, so we can all learn something!):

How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging this summer at the beginning of June!! 

Are there any bloggers who helped you out/encouraged you when you first started your blog?
Yes, definitely! Specifically my friend Danielle from Foxy Lady Beauty. She started her blog way before I did, but when I mentioned to her that I wanted to start one she encouraged me to do it! Also all of my readers are really encouraging as well because they leave such nice comments and feedback on my posts so thank you all!! 

What Social Media has given you the most traffic to your blog? Is there a platform that you don’t use?
I actually have not used much social media for my blog. I do have a google+ account, but I really don't know how to use it >.<. Same with twitter, I'm so lazy to learn how to use these. I'm sure they aren't hard but you know. I do have a link to my blog on my instagram and post some pictures of my blog posts on there though. If anyone would like to follow me on instagram, my user name is ashleysue_

How often do you post? Do you have a regular schedule?
I try to post a few times a week. I feel like I have been slacking though. 

Where do you blog?
In the living room, kitchen table, and occasionally my room. 

What camera do you use? What photo editing software do you use?
I use my trusty iphone 5. I don't actually own a camera. I want one, but I'm afraid i will still just use my phone for taking pictures. I use some iphone apps to edit my pictures (BeautifulMess, PicFrame, Phonto).

How did you come up with your blog name?
I don't know lol. I had a hard time thinking of one so I just used my name and makeup lol. 

Do you do any regular “series” posts on your blog?
Not particularly. I do just the standard reviews, hauls, seasonal makeup favorites etc. I would like to try to do more makeup dupe posts though. 

What draws you to a blog?
I like bloggers who are honest with their readers and followers.

What turns you off of a blog?
Any that are negative.

How many blogs do you subscribe to? Are they all beauty related?
I'm subscribed to quite a few, most of them are beauty related. 

When do you generally read blogs?
Whenever. I'm always checking blogger to see if I have any new posts from the blogs I follow. 

What is your favorite type of post and why?
I love to see reviews for makeup products, but it can be dangerous because then I always want to try the product too lol!! 

What is your least favorite type of post and why?
I don't really have a least favorite. I like to read anything, except like I mentioned before if it's completely negative. And I don't mean negative reviews by any means. I mean negative and poor attitude. 

NOW ABOUT YOU!! (If there are any you prefer not to answer, just skip!)

Where do you live? Tell us a bit about your city!
I live in a small town in Michigan (:

What about your home?
My husband and I live in a house in a subdivision. 

Single or taken?

Do you have children?
Not yet, but someday in a few years! 

Do you have pets?
I have two kitties and they are my babies.

Do you have a "day job"?
Yes, I work in a nail salon about a million hours a week. 

3 words to describe yourself.
I hate these kinds of questions. I never know what to say about my self. I'd like to think I'm a nice person, I'm also pretty silly, and friendly (wait is that the same as nice? lol!).

3 favorite movies
A Walk to Remember, Any Lord of the Rings movies, and I'm going to say the new Catching Fire movie because it was amazing. I like so many movie so it's hard to pick my favorite. 

3 favorite books
Looking for Alaska by John Green, Any Harry Potter book, and Night Road by Kristin Hannah 

3 random/ weird facts about you
- I love Macaroni and Cheese
-I'm obsessed with Coffee
-I have a shopping problem.
I guess those weren't weird facts haha.

This completes my answers for this tag!!
The bloggers I tag are:


  1. Thank you so much Ashley for the kind words! I love your reviews they're so informative and detailed! I agree I dislike negative rude attitude based posts too. Thanks for doing this tag!

    1. Your welcome Pilar! Thanks again for tagging me!

  2. I feel like I've been slacking in blogging too, this time of the year has been crazy so far! I'm gonna follow you on Instagram too! And thanks for tagging me! I love these posts :) xox

    1. I know what you mean- Christmas time is always so busy!!! And yay I followed you back on Instagram! :-)

  3. Yayy! Thankyou for your lovely words in the beginning, greatly appreciate it :) Glad to know a little bit more about you. How good was Catching Fire?!! I seen it twice haha. I'm currently reading Looking for Alaska :)
    Yours Truly, NY

    1. Your welcome! Thanks again for tagging me!! I hope your enjoying looking for Alaska! It's my favorite book ever lol!!

  4. Loved learning more about you! Thanks so much for tagging me for this!!

  5. such a lovely tag ! I also love Harry potter books and coffee :) xx

    1. Thanks for reading!! you can join in on the tag if you'd like!!!

  6. hi beautiful doll :) thanks for following my blog !! i am following you via GFC :) BTW the picture that you have on your profile its so cute !! i love the curls on your hairs its so pretty :) xx

    1. Aw thank you so much!! And your welcome- thanks for the follow back <3

  7. Thank you so much for tagging me... will definitely do it soon.
    Btw I enjoyed reading this post... its always interesting to get to know more about my blogger friends. :)
    Sincerely Renny

    1. Your welcome!! And I enjoy getting to know everyone better also so that's why I love tag posts!