Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Post #4

Hey everyone! I'm always surprised that it's already time to do a weekend post! It seems like I just did one because my weeks go by so fast.  Not too much going on this week, lots of work and laziness when I'm not at work. 

On Tuesdays I came home to a cute surprise from my husband. 
He bought me flowers and cooked me dinner and I was so excited. My cat is totally photo bombing this picture. 

I fell on the ice in the parking lot of my work and got a nice bruise on my hand lol. Anyone else ready for winter to be over?? 

Made some yummy smoothies for breakfast this week using vanilla almond milk, oats, and frozen mango. 

Here's my cats being werid. I found them both sleeping in my bathroom like this lol. 

Today we went to my parents for dinner and spent some time at their house. I always miss the view of the lake since I don't live there anymore. It's even pretty in winter!

And my mom bought me a new coffee mug! Love hello kitty!! 

This concludes my weekend post! I hope you all enjoyed reading! 


  1. the kitties looks so cute !! visiting parents house is always fun. looks like you had a great weekend :) xx

  2. Your cats are adorable! More reasons to own/want to own cats!

    xx becky /

    1. Thanks lol!! I love cats they are the best haha!