Friday, May 9, 2014

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows! Review + Eye Look

Have any of you guys tried out Makeup Geek eyeshadows before??? I've heard so many great things about them on YouTube and beauty blogs, etc. so I decided to try out a few. These fit into Mac palettes, and since I'm building one I thought it would be a perfect time to get some!

These are super affordable at $5.99, which is a lot cheaper than Mac shadows! 

The packaging these came in is so cute!
I was super impressed by how detailed everything was!

I picked out two neutral shades, and one fun color. 

This one is called Mermaid. (Left picture- no flash. Right picture- flash) Ok I will admit that I mainly bought this because of the name. But really, who wouldn't want an eye shadow called Mermaid?? This color is absolutely beautiful. It's the perfect turquoise shade. I don't normally wear bright colors, but I thought this would look gorgeous along the lower lash line.

This next color is called Moondust.  (Left picture- no flash. Right picture- flash) And it's another color that I love the name of. This is a pretty taupe color that has some shimmer in it. It would be great on the lid and in the outter corner or crease. 

This color is called Latte.  (Left picture- no flash. Right picture- flash). It's a nice transition or crease color. I love neutral colors like this and wear them on a day to day basis. 

Here are swatches from all the shadows. They are super pigmented and buttery. This has no primer underneath. The Mermaid color is really vibrant! 

The eye look I did 

I put Moondust all over my lid. Latte in my crease. And Mermaid on my lower lash line. 

My Overall Thoughts
-These shadows are one of the best quality eyeshadows I have ever used. Each shade is so pigmented and buttery it's amazing!
-The blend out super well and don't lose their pigmentation while blended either!
-When I applies these, I had no fallout at all!
-I'm loving these better than any of my Mac shadows and then they have better pigmentation and blendability. 
-These last all day on my eyes without dulling. 
-Like I said before, these are only $5.99 which is such a good price for such good quality shadows!

I will definitely purchase more of these shadows in the future because I'm completely in love and obsessed with them! 

Makeup Geek has a ton of other prodcuts in their site! They have a ton of pigments and I really would love to try their makeup brushes! 

Have you tried and Makeup Geek products before? If so, what's your favorite? 


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Makeup Geek shadows, but I haven't tried any so far. Moondust and Mermaid are especially pretty, I think I'd like to get them for the names too. Mermaid looks really pretty on the lower lashline!

    xx becky /

    1. These are so great, I definitely recommend trying them! I always end up picking things that I like that name of lol!

  2. These eyeshadows are so pretty! That look you created is gorgeous on you! I really like mermaid, it's so vibrant!

    1. Thanks Pilar! Mermaid I'd probably the prettiest eyeshadow I own!

  3. I'm going to look for these! So much cheaper than MAC and I love the pigmentation.

    1. I totally recommend them! They're such good quality :)

  4. Moondust looks gorgeous! Lovely look! I've been wanting to try some pigments from them. (:

    1. Thank you! I definitely want to try their pigments too!