Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Girl behind the blog |50 random facts tag

Hi! One of my favorite types of posts to read is personal posts so I can get to know the person behind their blog better. I've heard a lot of people say that on others posts too, so today I'm going to do the 50 facts about me tag. I've seen this tag around, and I would love to see more of my blog friend do this with me! 

Other than my monlthy update posts which is just essentials what I've been up to, I haven't done many personal posts about me and what my interest are, etc. Let me know if you guys like this post and I will do more like it! 

Excuse the snapchat pictures LOL

1. I'm 25, almost 26! But I look like I'm 12. 
2. I'm married and my husbands name is Eric.
3. We started dating when I was 17. Got engaged when I was 21, and married when I was 23 (almost 24, we ever engaged for almost 3 years). 
4. I have two kitties and they are my babies. 
5. I will always be a cat lover (crazy cat lady). 
6. I read a ton of books. I own around 400 of them. 
7. I play a ton of video games. 
8. I've been obsessed with Zelda games since I was 10, but I love others like Mortal Combat, Mario, pokemon, and I enjoy mmo games like World of Warcraft. Total game nerd right here!
9. I have three older brothers. I also have a sister in law (married to my brother), and a brother in law (Erics brother).
10. I have a niece and a nephew who are 4 and 1. 
11. I live and grew up in Michigan. I can't picture living anywhere else. 
12. I love the change of season we get where I live. Fall time is my favorite. 
13. I love going up north (northern Michigan) and I think the Great Lakes are the most beautiful thing. 
14. I have a desire to travel. I want to go to Europe, Australia, and some places in Asia. 
15. I hate flying and it gives me anxiety, so I'm unsure how I will be able to travel yet LOL. 
16. I haven't been to many places yet. A few states, but I did make my parents take me to Mexico when I was 13. We were in California and this was when you could still walk across the border LOL. I don't know what I was expecting but I was happy I could say I've been to Mexico. 
17. I would love to learn another language fluently. Especially french, Italian, or Spanish. 
18. Speaking of languages and cultures, I work with all vietnamese people so I know a little bit of vietnamese. I can count to 100, say thank you and hello and insult you but that's pretty much all I know. 
19. I went to cosmetogy school, but I didn't like it or doing hair. 
20. With my Cos license, im also licensed to do nails and skin care.
21. I work in a nail salon (vietnamese owned). I'm the only american working there. It's super random but I've worked there for 5 years. 
22. Sometimes I wish I would have gone to college for something else. I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life career wise but I don't.
23. I only developed a passion for makeup maybe 3 years ago. If you asked me 5 years ago if I would ever wear a full face of makeup like I do now, I would have told you no ha ha ha. 
24. I would love to be a makeup artist but the area I live in doesn't offer many opportunities for that. 
25. I'm usually a pretty open person, but some stuff I don't share unless someone asks or if I know I can really trust someone! 
26. Going back to talking about books, I love to collect classic novels. I haven't read many but I would love to read more. 27. Right now I'm enjoying historical fiction books. 
28. Some of my favorite books are The Tea Rose (all three in the series), Redeeming Love, Looking for Alaska, Anna and the French Kiss, and of course Harry Potter. 
29. I've read all of the Harry Potter books 3-6 times each. 
30. I've also been obsessed with Lord of the Rings since a young age too. 
31. Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows. 
32. I'm obviously obsessed with fantasy things. 
33. I'm also obsessed with watching tv shows on Netflix. 
34. I will stop saying obsessed now. 
35. I'm left handed.
36. My favorite food is pizza and Mac and cheese.
37. I drink way too much Starbucks. My favorite is vanilla latte or the new Tiramasu latte. 
38. I also love to eat asian food and Mexican food. 
39. I like to cook, but I'm super lazy to do so. 
40. I'm not a huge sweets fan (cookies, cake etc) but I do love chocolate. 
41. I always have a headache. And I complain a lot when something is wrong. 
42. I hate being hot. And I hate sweating. 
43. I have a serious purse buying addiction. 
44. I really dislike my hair. I don't have hair that's naturally cute. I have to make it cute.
45. My wardrobe is pretty basic. I wear mostly neutral colors. But I like my workout clothes bright and fun. 
46. I hate tomatoes. They are evil. 
47. I like to collect compact mirrors!
48. I love getting cards or letters. I save them all and have been since a really young age. 
49. I have a book/journal that I write thing I like in, and I also glue pictures, cards, or random things that I find that I like it in. I call it my memory book! 
50. I'm super short. I'm only 5 ft!!

So this is the end of my 50 random facts! I hope you all enjoyed this, and props to you if you actually read all of them! 

Let me know in the comments if we have anything in comment, or if there's something I didn't state that you wanted to know about me!! 


  1. Awh Ashley this is SUCH a super fun post. I loved learning more about you :) 34. I'll stop saying obsessed now hahahaha, you are funny. I'm short too, 5ft 2 and A HALF. That half is very important to me! I also dislike my hair, yours is so nice though! I love it. I could read these kind of posts all day!

    1. I'm so glad you liked this post Miriam!! And I would totally hold on to that half inch too haha!!
      And thank you, but I promise my hair is just an illusion lol, I have to make it be nice otherwise It isn't haha! I guess we all probably hate our hair though right!

  2. Awww, thank you so much for this post, Ashley, love love LOVE getting to know about you! I don't feel that bad about my height now, I've always grumble about my height because I'm 164cm which is 5ft 4 and half, I think but I'll shut up about it now. LMAO!

    And I watched GOT for the first season but holy crap, there ere tits everywhere in my face, swinging left and right and made me very insecure with mine so I quit watching it. I kid ya not! LMAO!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. LOL Shireen!! You always make me laugh!! yes GOT has a lot of that in it, but I feel like the other seaons of it don't have as much (or maybe I just got use to seeing so much boobage LOL).

      And I'm so so glad you liked this post!! You should do this tag too! And I actually like being short for some reason haha!!!

  3. I'm almost finished Season 3 of GOT Ashley! LOL Is it Season 5 that's about to start? I'm trying to catch up. You're young, but very wise girl! That's good! I'm wayyyyy older than you! HAHAHA Let's just keep it at that. You're 5 feet and I'm 6 feet! HAHAHA Very tall! I want to travel overseas also. Especially London and France. Girl, I've been so scared to go, with all these things happening to planes. I'm not scared to fly, because I always did when I was little to now, but's scary now. I think you're so talented when it comes to applying makeup. I want to attend a beauty conference! On instagram, I saw @themakeupshow and it travels to different states. Maybe it may come to Michigan? Check it out.

    1. Yes seasons 5 starts on Monday!!! I'm glad you like the show Kim, now we can chit chat about it when you catch up!
      And I totally get what you mean about traveling and flying, things are scary sometimes!!
      Thank you so much Kim!

  4. I think probably the first thing we learn from a new language, if learned from friends or coworkers, is how to say hello. The second is swear words and insults LOL. I think it's pretty cool to work in a place where you're not familiar with the culture. I work at a Vietnamese restaurant owned by Chinese people, and even though I'm not fluent in Mandarin I've learned a few phrases here and there. We have people that speak Spanish working in the back, and it's pretty funny cause they know more Mandarin than I do. And I'm learning some Spanish from them too! So I think that's a pretty cool thing.

    I would have never guessed you're a lefty! I'm sorta ambidextrous, I am a dominant righty but there are some things I can do better/feel more comfortable doing with my left hand than my right which is a little weird haha. I don't have naturally cute hair either, I can brag that it looks pretty alright on day 2 but once it's past that I have to put effort into it :P

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. Hahah I agree that's always the first things we learn in a language! And that's so cool about where you works too!! I really love learning about different cultures!!

      And hahaha I can't do anything with my right hand except use scissors, but that's cool you can use your left hand for some stuff!!
      And same here with my hair!!

  5. tomatoes are gross in anything other than pizza or spaghetti! hehe. i have headaches a lot too.

  6. I loved reading this Ashley!!! You are too cute and funny when you write! I hate tomatoes too! And flying. I'm making a trip next week and I am already having panic attacks about the stupid plane! I also didn't know we were almost the same age :) I used to play WoW too until school got so busy!

    1. Haha thank you Margo!!! And that's why I hate flying haha I will sit and think about the stupid plane ride welds before I go on it and freak out lol! Glad I'm not alone!!

      And you use to play wow too!!! Ahhh I wish you still did so I would have someone to play with!!

  7. I would've never guessed you were a lefty lol. Loved reading this! Legend of Zelda Minish Cap is still my all time favorite video game to this day. I've also read HP a bajillion times - every summer to be exact!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this!!? Minish cap is definitely one of my favorites too!!!

  8. I loved reading this post Ashley! These type posts are so fun! I hate tomatoes as well! I also love pizza and mac and cheese! I haven't been on an airplane yet, but I already know I probably would have some anxiety lol!

    1. I'm so glad you liked reading this!! The only good thing about flying is you get to places faster! But ugh I hate it. Even talking about it gives me anxiety haha!