Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Colourpop Haul #2

I know, I just did a Colourpop haul last week and you all probably think I'm crazy for doing another one. Am I the only one who gets anxious about placing big orders online, cuts the order in half, and then gets mad about not ordering everything you wanted, so then places another order a few days later? Yes, maybe I am crazy. 

There were a few more shadows and Lippie Stix I wanted, and I also bought one of the liquid matte and liquid satin lipsticks. I was kind of afraid to try them since I've never used a liquid lipstick before, but then I figured that was silly since these are only $6, and jumped on this liquid lipstick craze. 

Also, I was originally going to film this haul because I did a little damaged at Sephora too, but my memory card was full of my camera. I was angry so just decided to take photos instead because colourpop is super fun to show swatches of its prettiness. I will show the Sephora goodies next week! 

From left to right- Sunset Blvd (pearlized- kaepop collection, Luckfully (pearlized), and Porter (metallic- Kathleen Lights collection). 
All three of these are gorgeous colors. I don't own anything like Luckfully or Porter so I was excited about those two. 

The first two swatched are the Lippie Stix  Bound and Skimpy and are both glossy formulas. I wanted to see how the glossy formula was since all the other ones u have are matte. I could have sworn I ordered the Bound lip liner instead, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't because it looks super pink on my lips and I'm not sure if I'd like the lip liner because I apply them like a savage. Skimpy is a super light nude shade and I really love it and the glossy formula. The two liquid lipsticks look pretty similar, but the satin is Littlestitious and the matte is Bianca, which on my lips turns out darker. I like the formula of the satin, but I'm not sure about the matte one yet!

Top row- Skimpy on the left, Bound on the right. Bottom row- Littlestitious on the left, Bianca on the right. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with everything that I've ordered this time. Bound is a little pink for me so I'll have to play around with it. When I first tried on the matte liquid lipstick, I took it off within 5 minutes of wearing it and wanted to smother my lips in Chapstick, so I will have to play around with that one too. I will definitely be doing a post or a video using the eyeshadows!! 

Does anyone else think that Coloupop is super addicting?

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