Thursday, August 11, 2016

Friday Favorites | Lifestyle

Happy Weekend everyone!

This week has been a super lazy one for me. I've been trying to catch up on coming home from vacation. Does anyone else feel just so blah and lazy after traveling, especially if there's a time change involved? Ugh! Hopefully next week I'll have some more motivation!

Favorite Purchase || I finally got my hands on The Cursed Child. I actually wanted to go to the midnight release party for it, but we left for California so I couldn't. So excited to read this but I'm slightly disappointed that I already haven't finished it yet LOL. I need to get back on my reading game!

Favorite Recipe || After eating like utter crap all during our vacation, I had to go grocery shopping when we got home and stock up on some healthy things. I made these fajita tacos and they were so so good. I sautéed up some red and orange bell peppers, and added them with some refried beans into corn tortillas. I made some homemade guacamole to add in too, and some lettuce. I forgot to add salsa, but they were still delicious! 

Favorite YouTuber || I discovered Dani Laurenon YouTube and couldn't stop watching her food videos! She posts tons of healthy and vegan recipes, which is where I got the recipe for the tacos above! Definitely check out her channel if you need some new recipe ideas (and if you don't want to eat vegan, just take her recipes and add in your meat choice!)

Favorite Creation || I made some new channel art for my YouTube channel. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but have been to lazy. I used the channel art templet you can download right from YouTube and then used pic monkey to create it. I was happy with the way it turned out, super simple and pretty. I'm also going to give my blog a makeup soon too, another thing that I've put off way too long!

Favorite Moment || Have you guys heard of Sand Cloud before? I've been following them for a year or two on Instagram and have always been obsessed with their products! I saw they were looking for new ambassadors, so I decided to apply and I was accepted! I was super excited about this, because I've never been a brand ambassador for anything before! I can't wait to order some stuff and I will definitely do a video or blog post when I do! You can also save 25% off with my code AshleySB25 if you want to order anything! They also donate a percentage of their sales to help support marine life by preserving the worlds oceans and beaches. You all know I'm for organizations like that!

Tell me some of your lifestyle favorites for this week!

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