Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What's in my Mac and Z Palette

Today I'm sharing what's in my Mac and Z palette. When I first got into makeup, I was determined to make my own Mac palette. Fast forward a few years, I realized Mac shadows were expensive (before the price change), and not my favorite compared to brands like Urban Decay and Loarc. I didn't want to buy any more Mac shadows so I took what single ones I had and some Makeup Geek ones and filled an empty palette up. 

I recently bought a Z Palette for my Strobe Cosmetics shadows, so I put my MUG ones in there too and. I depotted my Mac duos and quad (it was a pain in the ass!) to fill up the rest of my Mac palette. I did have one Mac shadow that didn't fit in the palette so I stuck it in the Z Palette since it was bright and fit better with those anyways. 

I neglected my Mac shadows for a long time but I've been using them a lot more lately since I've purchased a ton of single shadows from Strobe Cosmetics and MUG. 

Mac Palette 
Two of these shadows are from the Mac Double Feature 5 duo and I couldn't find the names of them anywhere so I'm just naming them Double Feature 5 duo. 
Top row- Shroom, Double Feature 5 duo, Soft Brown, Satin Taupe, Twinks
Middle Row- Baby It's Cold, Jest, All That Glitters, Double Feature 5 duo, Woodside 
Bottom Row- Oh My Darling, Mineralism, Honesty, Showstopper, Blue Royale

Z Palette 
The first two rows are strobe cosmetics, I have two Azura shadows because my first one had a crack in it. The bottom row has one Mac shadow, the rest are makeup geek, except for the last shadow is an unknown single shadow that I got in a ipsy bag. 
First Row- Azura, Druid, Sea of Ghosts, Unicorn Tears
Second Row - Azura (again), Checking In, Solar Flare, Gleaming Gardenia
Bottom Row- 3 Ring Yellow (Mac), Mermaid (MUG), Moondust (MUG), Latte (MUG), Carnival (MUG), Masquerade (MUG), and the last one is a random one from Ispy and I don't know the name or brand. 

Also, I'm pretty sure that I've been calling MUG Latte 'frappe' instead in all of my makeup tutorials LOL. They are similar in color and I guess I couldn't remember which one I had. Lol fail. I much prefer  MUG shadows to Mac ones, but Mac Soft Brown is definitely one of my all time favorites shadows that I own.

Do you have a Mac or Z palette? What are your favorite single shadows? 

Also, don't forget to check out my Skin Care Routine if you missed my video I posted yesterday!

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