Monday, September 19, 2016

Favorite Fall Blushes

Hi! How was your weekend?
Today I'm sharing my favorite blushes for Fall. I tend to wear darker blushes, lip colors, and eye makeup in Fall and Winter time. Some of these blushes have been long time favorites, and some are newer to my collection. 

I've talked about this Morphe 9N Blush Palette quite a bit recently, so I won't ramble on about it. I love the neutral tons and some of the darker shades are great for Fall. Check my review here for more photos and swatches!

I'm a huge fan of Nars cheek products. Sin (left) and Almeria (right) have been two of my favorite blushes during the colder months for a few years. Sin is a berry berry/plum tone, and Almeria is a kind of burnt, reddish, plum tone. It's a hard one to describe, and it's hard to capture the true color of it. 

I also really love Hourglass Mood Exposure (left) and Makeup Revolution blush in Nude for fall time. Mood Exposure is looks more plum in the pan but it comes off as more of a dusty rose shade. Makeup Revolution Nude is a perfect everyday mauve.

Most of these blushes are great for everyday and you can wear all year around too. I'm a huge fan of all matte looks in the Fall too, but if I want a tiny bit of shimmer, then Sin and Mood Exposure are perfect. 

What are your favorite Fall blushes? 

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