Thursday, September 29, 2016

What's in my 'Emergency' Makeup Bag

From the title of this post, I bet you all are thinking what the hell is an emergency makeup bag? 

Basically, this is my everyday makeup bag that I keep in my purse, with some essentials, but also a ton of crap that I'll usually never need. Anyone think I'm crazy yet?

There's a story behind this 'emergency' makeup bag. When I was in Califronia, we randomly decided to go to Catalina Island and stay the night. But since this was spontaneous (and so sooo worth it), we took nothing with us. No change of clothes, no tooth brush, nothing. So of course the makeup addict in me was freaked out that I had none of my makeup to put my face on the next morning, and no skin care or hair products with me. We were able to buy changes of clothes, deodorant, tooth brush etc. but the only things I had with me were an eye brow pencil, concealer and some powder. Thankfully the hotel had face wipes to take my makeup off. 

So long intro aside, I vowed to always have a  bag of makeup on my from now on, just in case. Ok now you can call me crazy if you want. 

With the exception of lip products, I put things in here from my collection that I don't use too often. That way I don't miss them while they are in purse.

I have my Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette. This pretty travel friendly and had a blush, bronzer, and highlight all in one. It also had a good sized mirror. 
I also have the Elf Acne Fighting Foundation which isn't my favorite, but the coverage is decent and it's fine for being in a pinch. 
The Covergirl Ready Set Gorgoues Concealer, and some brushes. I have a stipple brush for foundation, a buffer brush for the blush and bronzer, and two mini eye brushes. I actually don't have any eyeshadow in here, but I can use the bronzer and highlight for shadow too. 
I have a Nude by Nature setting powder, which is always in my bag no matter what. 
I have a few eyeliners, the Maybelline Super Skinny, UD 24/7 liner in Zero, and Maybelline Line Stiletto. 
I also keep and Eye brow pencil which is from Chella, and then the one from Nyx is actual used up and I just have it in there for the spoolie
And last in this photo is a mascara from Estée Lauder. 

Next is lip products! From left to right is Bite Beauty Duo in Lychee and Rusk, Tarte lipstick in Park Avenue Princess, Nars lip crayon in Rikugien, and a PUR Cosmetics lipstick in Sheer Zircon. These are all nude and mauve tones that look good with anything. 

And very last, I have a mini cleanser from FAB, and mini Moistuizer from Olay, and two makeup wipes. These may seem unecessary, but when I was in Califronia with no cleanser or Moistuizer, my skin was breaking out for over a week afterwards. Thank you, sensitive skin! 

I've also thrown in a mini deodorant, contact solution and case in my purse too. I realize I don't need all these items on an every day basis, but it's nice to have a bag put together just in case I need something. I've run into more than enough situations where I could have used a lot of these products! 

Do you have an everyday makeup bag? If so, what do you keep in it? 

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