Friday, February 3, 2017

Foodie Friday | What I eat in a Day

Hello! Happy Friday!

Today I'm sharing what I eat in a day with some of my go to recipes lately. I've been on a health and fitness kick, and I've been really focused on eating healthier and taking care of my body. What you eat is so important in so many different ways, so I hope this post can give you all some inspiration if you need some new ideas, or are stating a healthy journey of your own!


I'm typically not hungry when I first wake up, so I like to start my day off with some tea. I've been drinking herbal tea and my favorite has been peppermint!


A little while after I'm finished with my tea, I'll start to feel hungry. I'm not the biggest breakfast person, so I like to load up on a ton of fruit. Lately I've been obsessed with mangos, kiwi, and star fruit. Eating a clean and light breakfast is a great way to start your day. Fruit helps to energize your body and stimulate your digestive track!


An hour or two later I like to eat something a bit more filling for lunch. You all know I love Avocado toasts and it's something that I eat almost everyday. Some other options I like to have are a big bowl of oatmeal, or some type of sandwich. The one shown here is a chickpea salad sandwich. It has a similar taste/texture of egg salad. And I also usually have more fruit with my lunch.


About an hour after my lunch I like to make fresh juice with my juicer. My favorite to make is orange apple juice. Fresh juice is so amazing and totally different from store bought juice. I'm usually still full from my lunch, and having homemade juice gives me lots of energy for my workout. I usually drink my juice about a half hour beforehand.


After my workout I like to drink and smoothie with protein powder. My absolute favorite smoothie recipe is a frozen banana, 4-5 pitted dates, peanut butter, almond milk, and cinnamon. I'm currently using the Garden of Life Raw Organic protein powder in vanilla chai. On days that I don't workout, I'll usually drink my smoothie or orange juice with my lunch, and have one or the other later.


I always forget to take pictures of my dinners. Since it's winter (and Michigan never sees the sun) it's always dark and gloomy out and my lighting isn't the best. Some of my go to meals are stir fry, tacos, etc. I usually like to load up on veggies for dinner. In the picture on the left is stir fry with zucchini noodles, broccoli, peppers, and mushrooms. I also used the Gardein 'chicken' strips. I'm not usually into the whole fake meat products, but I thought I'd give these a try. They were surprising good, and since I consume very little animal products, it's nice to have other options. The next photo is a flat bread veggie pizza with spinach, bell peppers, banana peppers, and feta. I made this one a few weeks ago, but I'm working on removing cheese from my diet. Feta is definitely great with these mini veggie pizzas though!
I also usually eat a snack sometime at night. I've been obsessed with coconut milk yogurt and I like to  top it with granola and (more) fruit.

So these are my current go to meals right now. Basically, I eat a lot of fruit.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what some of your go to meals are in the comments! Also, do you guys want to see more food/healthy eating posts? My tips and tricks to eating a healthy diet?  Share your thoughts with me!

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