Monday, February 20, 2017

Shop my Stash | February

Hi friends! How was your weekend? For today's post I'm sharing which makeup products I've pulled out recently that I've been negleticing. Shopping in my own makeup stash is nice to revisit some old favorites of mine that have been overshadowed by others or newer things.

 I seriously neglect too much of the makeup I own, so I'm sharing some things that I've put into my rotation recently! I'm hoping to do posts like this monthly so I can make myself reach for different options in my makeup collection more.

First up is cheek products. I've been using both the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil and the original Chocolate Soleil for bronzing and contouring. I was never a fan of the milk chocolate for contouring because it was a bit orange, so this was a bronzer that I use to dislike and I preferred the original. This was before I bronzed up my face on a daily basis and would just contour instead (makeup mistakes I use to make I suppose?). I pulled the milk chocolate out last week and tried tried it for bronzing and I loved it. So I also pulled out the original Chocolate Soleil which I have a mini size of, and used it for contouring. They make a great combo!

Next is two highlighters. I love the Lorac light souring highlight in moonlight and have talked about it many times. I wasn't reaching for it a lot so I make an effort to use it more again. I also pulled up my NARS Multipul in Copacabana, which hasn't been using in forever. I've had this thing for years, it was the first highlighter I ever bought LOL. I was checking to see if it was still creamy, and it definitely was. I never use to be a fan of cream highlighters but now I enjoy them more. This one is beautiful, and if also pairs well with the lorac one on top of if!

I bought a smaller size of the Smashbox primer water a while ago and haven't used it much. Most of the Smashbox printers have made my face breakout, and I've kind of thought this one did too. But instead of spraying it directly on my face with nothing else but moisturizer on it, I'm trying it out as kind of a setting spray instead.

I also pulled out my Australis brow kit. I get bored with my routines often, so I started using this again. I use the powder and wax to add some color to my brows first, and then go in my with Nyx brow pencil. Also, please excuse the messy packaging, I need to clean this thang.

The two shadow palettes I've been giving love to are the Lorac Pro 3 and my Mac palette. I've been into more natural makeup looks and both these palettes are good for that. The Pro 3 is super neutral and soft toned so it makes for a good everyday makeup palette. And my Mac palette is super easy for me to through a shadow look together in a minute or two.

Have you been shopping your makeup stash lately? What makeup products are in your current everyday rotation?

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