Friday, August 30, 2013

Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover Review

Hello!! I recently picked up the Maybelline Clean Express makeup remover and I wanted to share a review for this product here on my blog. I saw this makeup remover a while ago and have been curious about it. I normally just use some form of makeup remover wipes to take off my eye makeup every night. Sometimes this can get tiring because I don't really like rubbing and pulling on my eyes a lot. I have also tried a Neutrogena eye makeup remover liquid before, but I wasn't too crazy about it and I felt like it didn't do anymore more special than the wipes did. 
I finally decided to pick up this Maybelline one because when I was looking at it in Target, the formula of it almost looked like a gel consistency instead of a liquid. I was excited because I always felt like the liquid ones made a mess and it was hard to get the right amount of product on the cotton ball. OK enough of my rambling and on to my review!

The back description of this product claims this is a "Gentle water based gel that glides across the lids and lashes to quickly break up eye makeup". It also claims that it is safe for contact wearers and sensitive eyes. 

You can't really tell what this product looks like on my hand, but I thought I would include the picture anyways.

My Thoughts on this Product

This makeup remover works really great for taking off my eye makeup. 
There is not a lot of rubbing or pulling on my eyes.
 A little but of product goes a long way with this so you don't waste any product.
 The makeup comes off really easily like the bottle says it does.I wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara, and all of it or at least 95% comes off when using this remover. 
 The Gel formula doesn't make a mess like the liquid formulas do.
 This product also comes in a lotion form, and I believe there is a liquid form for waterproof makeup. 
This product did irritate my eyes a little bit and they burned after removing my makeup. The burning wasn't horrible, and I have had other makeup remover burn my eyes worse, but it was still a little uncomfortable. My eyes are very sensitive so it's hard to find a makeup remover product that doesn't irritate them. 
This product definitely has it's pros and cons for me. I am going to continue using this and see how it does with my eyes for now before I decide if I want to repurchase it. 
This product was $4.99 at Target, so it's very affordable. If you do not have sensitive eyes then I recommend you try it out!!

If any of you have tried this, leave a comment telling me what you though it it! Did it burn your eyes as well, or are mine just over sensitive? 

Thank you all for reading!! 


  1. I actually love your ramblings, because they are super informative :). You did a great job with this review, but I tried this as well and I think it burned even worse for me. I threw it away :(. Otherwise it was a great product!

    1. Haha aw thank you!! I'm super bummed that it burns my eyes! The last few times I used it after I wrote this wasn't as bad as the first few times but still :/
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Great review! I've been needing a new eye makeup remover so I might just grab this :)

    1. Thank you!! I know I said I was having trouble with this product burning my eyes, but since I've kept using it, it has not been burning at all! I definitely recommend this!