Friday, March 11, 2016

Creating Balance

Happy Friday everyone! I asked in my last post if you guys would rather see a motivation type post or a food related post today, and more of you said motivation! Thank you all for your input, and the food post will definitely be next Friday! 

I wanted to do a motivational type post, but this might be a little different than other ones that you've seen before. I wasn't even exactly sure if I should have called this a motivational one, but I didn't really know which other category to put it in so I'm just going to get into it! 

I'm a believer that everyone should try to live a healthy lifestyle. But I'm also a believer in creating balance. As humans, we are not perfect. We skip our workouts that we promised ourself that we would do. We cheated on our 'diet'. We sometimes drink green smoothies, and do yoga, sometimes we inhale a box of donuts. And that's OK. 

I try to be really mindful when I make healthy choices, and I try to make them more often than not. But I don't beat myself up if I make an unhealthy choice. 

About a year and a half to two years ago, I was super into working out and eating very healthy. I would get so excited when I noticed my progress, how much belly fat I was losing, and I good I felt when I ate healthy. I still wasn't as fit as I wanted to be, but I was probably the 'fittest' that I've even been. I felt super good about myself and I hope to get back to that point, but let me tell you what didn't feel good. Every time I missed a workout I would get so mad at myself. Every time I did work out, I always felt disappointed that I 'didn't do more' that I 'could have kept going, done some more reps' etc. Every time I 'cheated' on my diet, I felt so disgusted about what I ate. I realized how unhealthy it was to think like that, and how beating yourself down makes you feel worse. 

Fast forward to now, I've come to learn that it's OK to miss a workout, things happen and life gets in the way. Skipping one day of you workout won't make you gain a ton of weight overnight. I've learned that it's OK to eat what you want and not feel bad about it. One bad meal won't make you fat, just like one healthy meal won't make you skinny. Having balance means making healthy choices, but not depriving yourself of the things you want. Nothing should be off limits. Eat what you want, eat what makes you happy, but eat them in moderation. I'm not literally telling you to inhale a box of donuts, but if you want a damn donut, eat that donut! 

I've also found that telling my self 'no', leading me to wanting something more, and then you better bet I'll eat that whole bag of chocolate instead of one or two pieces.  

So basically my motivation for this post is to stop beating yourself up because nothing is perfect. I hate the word diet. Make a healthy lifestyle change, but create balance to be truly happy and healthy! 

I know we are all on our healthy lifestyle journey, and I want to share mine with you. I want to do some food related posts or videos to show you how I can eat healthy but create balance by still eating the foods I love. I'll be doing on next Friday so I hope you all will look forward to it! 

What is your take on living a healthy lifestyle but creating balance? 

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