Sunday, July 7, 2013

Easy + Natural Wavy Hair with No Heat

Hello All! Have any of you ever used a Sea Salt Spray in your hair? This is a great and easy way to get beachy waves in your hair that looks natural and requires no heat. This is a great look for summer time if you are hanging out at the beach or just feeling lazy and don't want to fix your hair. 
The two sea salt sprays that I like to use in my hair are the Healthy Sexy Hair soy Renewal Beach Spray, and the Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. (Why do these products have such long names LOL). I use both of these products in my hair together to achieve the look. I like both of them a lot, but the Not your Mothers spray smells like Coconut so that is a great plus! 

I did this look with second day hair. I sprayed the sea salt sprays all over my hair until it was a little damp and then scrunched up my hair until it was the wavy-ness that I wanted. You could also use a spray bottle to dampen your hair first. And you could also use a towel or a cotton cloth to scrunch your hair for better texture to it. After I applied the salt sprays to my hair, I lightly sprayed my hair with some hair spray so the waves would hold better.

I hope you all enjoyed and If any readers use a Sea Salt Spray let me know which ones are your favorites! 

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