Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nars vs Elf Blush and Bronzer Duo

Hello All! Today I am going to be a comparison post on the Nars blush and bonzer duo and the Elf blush and bronzer duo.  I have had the Elf duo for quite a while now however it was not a product that I reached for often. I decided to pick up the Nars one a few days ago and I got it with the Laguna Bronzer and the Deep Throat blush. I already own the Orgasm blush so when I saw that they have duos in other shades I wanted to try one because Nars blushes are one of my favorites. 

The Packaging on these two products is very similar.
The Elf duo is on the left, and the Nars duo is on the right. 
Here is a close up of the Elf duo.
Close up of the Nars duo.
Here are swatches of the two bronzers. The Elf one is on the Left and Nars Laguna is on the Right.
These are very similar in color and pigmentation.
Here are swatches of the Elf blush on the Left and Nars Deep Throat on the Right.
These are also similar in color. I personally think that the Elf blush is closer in color to Deep Throat than it is to Orgasm. Deep throat is a more softer pink, where Orgasm is a lot brighter with a more orange/red undertone.

My Overall Thoughts:

First off, if you do not want to pay the $41 for the Nars product, then paying $3 for the Elf one is a lot more affordable. This Nars product is really expensive and it was definitely a splurge for me. 

I think both products have good pigmentation to them. The bronzers are really similar, but I think the Deep throat blush is a little more pigmented than the Elf one. The elf blush has more shimmer to it then Deep Throat does.

The Elf duo has a little bit more of a powdery texture, so it picks up more product on the brush and it also did when I was doing the swatches. This can either be good or bad because if you have pale skin like I do, then you have to use the bronzer with a lighter hand. But with being able to pick up more product, I find it is easier to blend the blush into your skin. 

The Elf duo's pans are a little bit bigger than the Nars one, so you get a little bit more product in them.

I think the that Nars duo is longer wearing than the elf duo. It doesn't fade or get dull looking. Sometimes it seems like blush products get splotchy looking on my face though out, and I have never had that problem with any Nars products before. 

Overall, both products are great but I like the Nars one better because it's more long wearing. If you want to splurge on a product like this then I definitely recommend Nars duos. If not, then you can't go wrong with paying only $3 for the Elf one!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed. :)

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