Wednesday, August 21, 2013

L'Oreal Infallible Gel Eyeliner Review

Hello All!! I was in the mood to try a new Gel eyeliner a few days ago, and since I have been loving L'Oreal prodcuts lately, I decided to try their Infallible Gel Liner. I recently reviewed the L'Oreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner which you can read here. The gel liner that I was using before this one dried up on me, and that was a while ago so I haven't used a gel liner in a long time! I was really excited to try this one and start using this kind of liner again.

I love how this product comes with a brush to apply the eyeliner with!

I really love the packaging. I think the gold lid is super pretty with the black eyeliner. I'm a sucker for anything black and gold. I love how the brush is black and gold to. ha ha.

Here are pictures of the liner on my eyes.

My Thoughts on this Product

I was overall happy with my purchase of this product. The formulation of this gel liner is really creamy and it's very easy to apply. Like I said before, it comes with a brush for you to apply it with. I actually like this brush as well, I usually prefer to use a small angled eyeliner brush for gel liners but this one was quite nice. The color is really pigmented and very black and it doesn't get dull or wear off during the day. I used this for my top eyeliner and also my waterline in the pictures. I don't think it stayed on my waterline as well as my Urban Decay liner does, but it was still okay after putting a black eyeshadow overtop so it didn't smudge. It's really easy to make a winged liner look with this as well, both with the brush it came with and with an angled liner brush. 
This eyeliner was around $8 at Target and Walmart, so it's really affordable. It's similar to the Maybelline eye studio gel liner, which is the one that I was using previous to this one but it dried up on me. I will definitely repurchase this product in the future!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review!

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