Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review

Hello!! I absolutely loveeeeee the Mask of Magnaminty by Lush! I've been using this product for about 3 months and I'm pretty obsessed with it. It's one of the first product by Lush that I tried, and today I am going to be sharing a review for it here on my blog and tell you all about the amazing things that it does for my skin. 

The first time I went into a Lush store, I received a sample of this face mask, and I loved it so much that I went and bought a full size of it. This mask comes in two sizes, small and large. I got the small size, and I believe it was around $12-13. The larger size was more expensive, and it was a better deal for how much more product that you get. However, these face masks do have an expiration date on them, so that's why I opted for the smaller size so I could finish it before it expired. 

The label on the lid says "Packed full of peppermint, kaolin, and scrubby adzuki beans for a deeply cleansed skin".

Here is what the mask looks like, and a swatch of it on my skin.

How I use this face mask

I use this mask once a week on my face, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Before I apply it, I remove all of my makeup with a makeup remover wipe and then apply it to my face. After I remove this mask with warm water and a wash cloth,  I cleanse my face with my Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser to make sure I get all of it off my face. I skip using a toner after this mask, because it is slightly drying since it help removes oil from you skin. After I remove the mask, I use a moisturizer. 

Why I love this product

This face mask has a minty/tingly cooling effect on the skin so it feels really refreshing and nice when it's on, and afterwards my face feels really clean. The texture is really creamy and soft when you apply it. It's not harsh or rough like a face scrub or exfoliator. This mask helps reduce and take the oil out of your skin, so like I said before it is somewhat drying to your skin. This mask is great if you have oily skin, or combination oily/normal skin like I do. If your skin is dry this might not be a product that I recommend for you, unless you only want to leave the mask on for 5 minutes or so. 
Since I have been using this mask, I have noticed that my face breaks out less, so this has helped my acne as well. I have very sensitive skin, and a lot of face products and makeup makes my skin breakout. I'm really happy that this product has been great for my skin, and it is definitely a product that I will continue to repurchase!! I this that this mask is really affordable, and you definitely get a lot of product for your money. When I had samples of this product, it lasted me two months, so I can only imagine how long this full size will last me.

I hope you all enjoyed reading, and if you have tried this product leave a comment with your thoughts on it! If you have not, go to a Lush store if you have one around you and try it out!


  1. So Angie went into a different lush and acted like she had never been there before and got more samples hehehe she got me another one of these

    1. LOL we should do that everytime we go into lush!

  2. I was looking at your favorite lush post and saw you had a full review on this. I've been wanting to try this mask out for sooo long and I think I finially might! It'll be my first lush purchase lol great post though!

    1. This is definitely the best face mask I've ever used! I highly recommned it and I hope you love it too!! You can always get a sample of it and try it out before you purchase it! You are going to love Lush products!