Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Covergirl Lash Perfection Mascara Review

Hello!! I recently purchased the Covergirl Lash Perfection Mascara from Target and wanted to share a review for it here on my blog. This is a mascara that I have heard great things about and have been meaning to pick up for a while. I use to use Covergirl mascaras a long time ago, but I haven't used one since I have discovered other drugstore mascaras that I loved more. I was excited to try this because I haven't used this brand in a long time so I was curious how I was going to like this. 

The wand for this is rubbery and plastic and the bristles are made of rubber also. I usually prefer mascara that have the regular bristle hairs on them.

Here are my lashes with no mascara on.

Here is one coat of the Lash Perfection mascara on my top lashes.

Here is two coats of the mascara on the top lashes, and one coat on the bottom.
This mascara makes my lashes look really long and spidery. 

My Thoughts on this Product
I actually really like this mascara. It has really good formulation because it's not too wet or too dry. Sometimes when mascaras are too wet they make my lashes stick together really bad and I usually have to wait a week or so for it to dry out so I can use it. This mascara was the perfect consistency when I opened it and first applied it. 
I like mascaras that give my lashes volume and length at the same time, and this mascara did both. It applies really nice and easily, but on the second coat my lashes clumped a little bit. 
You can purchase this mascara for around $6 at the drugstore. It's really great for an affordable price!

Have you tried this mascara before? If so share your thoughts on it with me!


  1. This use to be my favorite mascara! I went through so many of them! I should pick up another one..
    Cute nose ring!

    1. Haha thank you!! I'm really loving this mascara!

  2. I haven't tried this one yet, but I want too! I've heard good things about this mascara. Right now I have the super thick lash mascara by Covergirl. I think it's pretty good :)

    1. I really like this mascara so far! I will have to check out the one you use too!

  3. Looks great on you!! I might have to revisit this one!