Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Eye Look Using L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows + Review!

Hello Lovies!! I recently picked up some of the L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour eyeshadows! I have always wanted to try these but never picked any up because I just have way too much eyeshadow. I caved (obviously lol) when I was at Walmart last week and saw some gorgeous colors that really caught my eye. I picked up two different shades and created an eye look that's perfect for fall! These eyeshadows are too amazing not to share here on my blog! 

The first one is a light shimmery champagne color thats perfect for all over the lid. The second one is a deep plum/red color thats gorgeous for fall. I love the packaging of these because they are pretty sleek but they hold a lot of product in them. 

The lighter shade is in the color Iced Latte and the darker shade is in the color Smoldering Plum.

Here are swatches of the two colors. They have such great pigmentation to them it's amazing. They are so buttery and apply so nicely. The also blend out very easily too!

I used Iced Latte all over my lid and in my inner corners, and also as my brow bone highlight. I applied Naked 2 from the naked basics palette for a transition shade and then I used Smoldering Plum in my outer corner and blended it into the crease a little bit, and also on my lower lash line.

I'm seriously so obsessed with these eyeshadows. The pictures don't even do justice on how pretty they are. The Smoldering Plum color is my favorite because I have been loving deep purples and red tones for fall. 
If you have not picked up any of these eyeshadows yet, I really recommend them because they are such a great product for an affordable price! I'm probably going to pick up a few more shades because I just need them all! Lol.

Thank you all for reading and let me know which shades of these are your favorite in the comments below! 


  1. Nice colors! I know what you mean, I also have way too many eyeshadows! Based on your pics, I can tell they are really pigmented which is always a plus!

    1. Thanks! I think eye shadows are the hardest not to buy when you have too many already!

  2. Yay for these! I love that plum one! :) great look!

  3. Putting these on the my to buy list. Thanks Ashley!