Monday, October 14, 2013

Super Blender Makeup Sponge Review!

Hey All!! A few months ago I purchased the Beauty Blender from Sephora and decided that I was going to try out some cheaper alternatives to this $20 sponge and see how they compared. I purchased the Up & Up Super Blender makeup sponge from Target for $4.99. This is much more affordable and a huge decrease in price from the original Beauty Blender. The question is, is as good as the Beauty Blender? 

The back label of this package says for a full coverage look use the sponge dry, and for a lighter coverage use the sponge when it's damp. 

The first picture is of the sponge dry, and the second is of the sponge when damp. This sponge does not absorb water and expand like the Beauty Blender does.

The size of this sponge is about the same as the beauty blender while the beauty blender is damp. 

My thoughts on this product and how it compare to the Beauty Blender

The texture of the Target Super Blender sponge is very different from the Beauty Blender. While the Beauty Blender is soft and very spongy, the Target Super Blender is very hard and rubbery. 
While I was trying to apply my makeup with the Target Super Blender, it did not apply smooth or evenly. The sponge more of just patted the foundation on my face instead of blended it in and I had to go back with my fingers to blend the foundation in. I only did one side of my face with this sponge and decided it wasn't working for me. The Original Beauty Blender gives my face a really flawless look and blends foundation into my skin really nicely. The Target Super Blender Sponge didn't do anything and I found it useless.
My opinion on this is even though it's a lot cheaper, it i's definitely not worth the $4.99 that I paid for it.  I would rather apply my foundation with my fingers, or one of my Elf foundation brushes that I paid $3 for.
Even though the Beauty Blender is $20 and it seems expensive for a sponge, I don't think anything will compare to this product because it's worth every dollar that I paid for it!! I absolutely love the Beauty Blender and it is now a must have in my life for applying foundation!
 Also I wanted to say that I am in no way trying to be negative or give a negative review, but rather I am being completely honest because I don't want my readers to waste their money on products that aren't worth it! 

Thank you all for reading and let me know if you have tried this sponge or any other dupes for the Beauty Blender in the comments below!! 


  1. Isn't is crazy how amazing the beauty blender is!? I remember telling myself I was nuts for spending 20 bucks on a sponge..but it's totally worth it! Thanks for this review, I see this a lot at target and wondered if it was comparable.. Now I know! :)

    1. Yes I couldn't believe I was going to spend $20 on it either but it's the best thing I've bought for foundation!! Def don't try the target one! Lol!

  2. Thanks for being honest Ashley! You saved me 5 bucks! I think I need to finally cave and buy the beauty blender lol

    1. The beauty blenders are so amazing! Especially with thicker full coverage foundation! I don't use them with lighter more sheer ones though!