Thursday, February 20, 2014

Organix Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil Products Review

Hey guys! I've been trying out some new hair products! My hairs been so dry, damaged, and dull lately. I picked up two products from the Organix line, which I have never tried any of their products before.

These are the Coconut Milk split end mender and the Coconut Oil hydrating mist. 
These were both $5.74 at walmart.

I was really drawn to these two products for some reason. I have been using real coconut oil for my skin this winter and I love it, so I think that's why I wanted these.

This products has a mix of coconut oil and keratin proteins to repair split ends of dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. It helps to repair the cuticle of your hair and smooth down frizzy ness. 
I have never used a split end mender before. I just always use a leave in conditioner, but I have a lot of split ends and frizziness so I thought I'd give this a go.  The texture of this is similar to a conditioner, but it is not super thick. 

This weightless and hydrating oil mist is suppose to make your hair softer and healthier looking. It contains hydrating bamboo extract. 
I love using oils on my hair. Before this I was using the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy treatment Argan Oil. I just wanted to try something new so after I saw the coconut milk split end repair, I had to try this too. 
I put oil in my hair after I wash it, and after I straighten it too.

OK first I'm going to talk about how I use these-
After I wash my hair, I put in my leave in conditioner (currently trying to use up a bottle of It's a 10, and I have been using an Aveeno leave in) after I let my leave in sit in my hair for a few minutes I comb out my wet hair. After it's combed out, I apply the Coconut Milk Split End Repair all over my hair, more focusing it towards my ends. After that, I spray the Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist into my hand, rub it together and apply it all over my hair, again focusing more on my ends. 
Then after I've blow dried and straightened my hair, I again spray the oil into my hands first and then apply it to my hair.
I find that spraying the oil into my hands first works better than misting it into my hair from the bottle. This way, I don't get too much oil in my hair making it look greasy and gross, which is what happened the first time I tried to use this.

My thoughts on these products-
First can we talk about how good the smell?? I use to not like coconut scents, but now I'm in love.
I think in combination of these two products with a leave in conditioner works really well for my hair. My hair feels nice, soft, and a lot healthier the day I apply these, and then again on second day hair. 
I do think these products smooth down my damaged ends, but I'm not exactly sure that the Coconut Milk is 'mending' them as apposed to making my hair appear mended, but it has felt a lot more healthy since I have been using it. 
My only complaint is, while these smell great, sometimes after a little while or on second day hair, the coconut oil smells funny. When I smell my hair, I don't smell anything weird but I get random whiffs of  it while it's drying after I first apply it and then its gone. Weird, I don't really know how to explain it.
*Also I would like to note that I started using these before I colored my hair. I didn't have an intention of coloring my hair when I first purchased these, but now that I have colored my hair I like these prodcuts even better!*

Would I repurchase these? 
Probably sometime in the future, but maybe not right away. While I do like them, I would also like to try different things out. I wouldn't call these holy grail products just yet, but who knows I might change my mind later!

Have you tried these products before, or any others from the Organix Line?


  1. Great post, I will have to try it on my hands and then rubbing it in, because the spraying sometimes makes my hair look greasy as you said. Great tip!

    1. Thanks Margo! Yes try that and let me know what you think! And my hair is super dry so maybe it just soaks up the oil more?

  2. I have been using that coconut oil in my ends after washing my hair before I blow dry for YEARS. I think it really does make a big difference!


    1. Glad to know you love this product too!!! I'm really loving it!