Wednesday, April 23, 2014

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Review

Hi :)
One of my favorite types of makeup to try out and review is mascaras. I'm always trying new ones and looking for a new favorite! I have a few that are holy grail ones that I will always love, but I like having a lot of options when I put on my makeup each day.

So the newest one that I have tried is the L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara and I am going to be reviewing it today! 

I purchased this at Target for $7.99 

The packaging is nice, but it's a bit bulky. 

The wand is really unique, and I have never seen anything like it. 

It flares out towards the bottoms. The bristles are plastic, which I usually prefer a normal wand. 

Here's what it looks like 
My lashes with no mascara. 

One coat on my top lashes. 

Two coats on my top lashes. 

Three coats. 

And finally, four coats on the top and one on the bottom. 

My thoughts on this mascara 
-I didn't mind the weird mascara wand. I like how it flared out my outside lashes. 
-The formula was good, not to wet and or too dry. 
-This kind of made my lashes a little clumpy. 
-I had to use four or more coats to get a lot of volume, and I don't normally like to apply that many coats.
-It didn't make my lashes super long, which bothered me. I have a lot of mascaras that make my lashes a lot longer and thicker than this one. 
-I also thought that while my lashes looked ok right after I applied it, later in the day they seemed to have fallen down. 
-This did give my lashes a nice curl though. 

Overall I wasn't super impressed with this one. It's okay and I will continue to use it but I don't think I'll repurchase it. 

Have you tried this mascara before? If so let me know your thoughts! 


  1. Ihave this mascara and I really loved it. It gave my lashes volume, length and the wand flared out my lashes a lot. Too bad this didn't work for you.

    1. I thought I remembered you talking about this one! I'm still going to use it up because it's not too bad, I just wish it made my lashes as long as the loreal telescopic

  2. I tried this and it flaked on me, which was annoying. But I did like the initial look of it on my lashes! Great review!

    1. I don't think I has flaking with mine! Thanks Margo :)

  3. i haven't tried this mascara at all. To me .. the wand looks a bit weird LOL :) xx

    1. Yes the wand is weird! I didn't mind it much though :)

  4. i loveeee this one! my lashes like it, hehe.

    1. I'm glad you like it! Wish it would have worked for me