Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Ipsy Bag 2014

Hello! I've said this before but my favorite time of the month is when I get my Ipsy Bag! I get so excited especially when I don't look at the sneak peaks so it's all a total surprise!  

This months theme was 'Pretty in Paradice', and I was pretty excited when I heard that Rebecca Minkoff was designing the bag for this month! 

The bag is cute and tropical looking with pineapples and palm trees. 

The first thing I got was the Marc Anthony beachy wave hair spray. I have not tried this yet, but I will definitely try it soon!

I was so excited to see a Nyx Butter Gloss in my bag! I've mentioned recently that I'm super obsessed with these at the moment. The color I got is in Creme Brûlée, which sadly, I already own. But it's okay because now I can throw this one in my purse! 

This picture might be a bit blurry, but it's the OFRA universal eye brow pencil. I was excited to see this because I have not recieved any brow products in an ipsy bag before. I tried this out and it's really waxy so I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. 

This is the Realtree perfume for women. It's in nice packaging because it has a little pump to spray it with. This stuff smells soooo good! I was so surprised on how much I liked the scent!

This is the Be a Bombshell Lashout Mascara. I was excited because I have liked other products by Bombshell in the past. I tried this and the formula was super dry and didn't work for me at all. 

Overall I thought this was a pretty good month for my Ipsy Bag!

What did you get this month from ipsy? 


  1. I definitely want to try that NYX lippie :D

  2. I got the exact same bag haha! I was glad that my mascara at least didn't smell awful like some others have complained. I love the bag itself though, which is making up for my slight disappointment in the rest!

    1. That's too funny we got the same bag! I didn't notice a weird smell with my mascara either!

  3. i got the same too! i was convinced i already owned the nyx gloss, but i didn;'t! i really liked the spray. it smells like a pina colada.

    1. Yeah I really like that scent of that too!