Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Makeup Forever Artist Shadows | Eyelook + Review

I'm sure you have all heard about the new Makeup Forever Artist Shadows that launched a few months ago. I talked about them a little bit in my favorites post a few days ago, so you already know that I love them!

When they first came out, I didn't think I would pick any up because really, I do not need anymore eyeshadow, and I thought they were a little (a lot) expensive. After seeing so many great reviews on them, I caved LOL. 

These come as single shadows and you can get a duo or trio palette for them. 

These are pretty expensive at $21 each, but they have a deal on them that you can get 2 for $33 ($9 off)or 3 for $43 ($20 off!) which I thought was awesome because 3 for the $43 was like basically buying 2 at full price and getting one free. These are way bigger than Mac shadows, which are $15. The palettes for them are $1 each.

Here are swatches with no primer underneath. I picked out a light shimmer champagne color, a brown matte color, and a burnt orange shimmer also. Unfortunately , these don't have names on them, only numbers. The top color (light shimmer) is I-524, the middle color (matte brown) is M-600, and the bottom (Orange) is I-736. 

There's a wide range of colors and they also come in 5 diffenret finishes which are satin, matte, Diamond, iridescent, and metallic. I'm pretty sure the letter before the number of the shadow stands for what kind of finish the shadow is. 

Eye look I created 

My overall thoughts-
-I think the quality of these is amazing. Therey are so pigmented and blend so well together. If you are a fan of urban decay or Lorac shadows, then you would like these too!
-I love how there are so many colors to choose from. I had a hard time only picking out three. I almost wish they offered a quad palette. 
-Dispite the price, I think these are a great deal, because they are only a few more dollars than Mac and you get way more product and they are much better quality. 
-I think these could be really versatile, if you choose the right shades I think you could make a blush/bronzer duo or a trio with a highlight. 
-I can honestly say these are one of the best shadows I've used, and it's taking a lot of will power not to buy more LOL!

Have you tried out any of these new Makeup Forever Shadows? Leave your thoughts on them in the comments!


  1. Your winged liner always look perfect! I'm terrible with liquid liners lol I do not have a steady hand! Those shadows look lovely though! But wow at that price! I do agree that 3 for the price of 2 is a good deal. Would def be biting my tounge real hard to get them lol I love the look you created also, so perfect for Fall!

    1. Thanks Hillary!! It took me a lot of practice to perfect my winged liner! Yes these are quite expensive! It'd really a better deal to get a nice palette for $50 so you can get a ton of colors like the chocolate bar one or naked palettes! I was too tempted not to try these though

  2. I love the colors Ashley! This is a pretty eye makeup look you created! They're are some beautiful Fall based eyeshadow palettes out this season.

    1. Thanks Pilar! I've been obsessed with fall shades lately!

  3. I haven't tried Makeup Forever Anything yet! LOL You're right Ashley, these are perfect for Fall and WOW KAPOW look at that shimmer and pigmentation. Absolutely gorgeous! Very nice purchase.

    1. Thanks Kim! Makeup forever had really great foundations!! This is the first thing I've tried by them besides the foundations actually!

  4. Thank you! They have really great makeup!