Thursday, March 26, 2015

Boo-Boo Cover Up Concealer | First Impression

Hi :)
Today I'm going to share a review for a product that came in my Ipsy bag this month. I was pretty excited when I saw they sent me a mini tube of the Boo-Boo Cover up concealer because everyone seems to rave about this product. 

First I want to state that the shade I was sent does not match my skin at all, so I don't want this review to seem unfair which is why I'm calling this a first impression. I just wanted to share my thoughts on how I felt about the product, and maybe at a different time if the color matches me better (summer time?) then I will do a further review. 

So what is Boo-Boo Cover up concealer? 
This was basically made as a body concealer that's is also safe for you face to. It has healing properties so if you get a cut, bruise, etc on your skin, it's suppose to 'heal and conceal' the problem area. 
The ingredients to this include aloe, vitamin e, chamomile, green tea, and tea tree oil. All of which have healing properties and are good for your skin. 

I have not tried this as a body concealer but I was excited to use it on my face to try to cover up some blemishes and acne scaring, also to maybe see if it would 'heal' them. 

Here's a little shot of the concealer. It's very thick and this was more than enough to cover some spots on my face. 

My thoughts-
I tried this out with a few different foundations to try to get it to match my skin better. It's in the shade medium, so this would work for most skin tones but I am far too pale and would need a lighter shade.
-Aside from the color, the formula is super thick like I mentioned. I thought it looked really cakey on my skin, which you will see in the picture below. 

I am sorry if this photo isn't good quality, and I hope you can see in the circle areas where I have blemishes and scaring. 
The first picture is just with foundation on. The second picture I used the concealer, and you can see (hopefully) that it looks cakey and splotchy. I ended up having to blend of out with my beauty blender, and the third picture is after I blended it and used a setting powder. It looked ok after that, but later in the day it became noticeable again and looked cakey and splotchy. 
-I find that my Mac Pro Longwear concealer does a much better job at covering scars and blemishes than this does. This also didn't do anything to heal my blemishes or scars. 
-I haven't tried this as an under eye concealer yet because of the color.  
-Sadly this did not work for me,  and it's not something I would purchase. 
-Like I said, I will try it later in the summer when I use some self tanner and my darker foundations and see how it goes. 

I really couldn't find much info on this product other than its suppose to be healing, for the body too, and the ingredients. So that is my 'first impression' on this product!

Have YOU tried the Boo Boo Cover Up concealer before? I would love to hear others thoughts on this product, so please share in the comments! 


  1. I've never tried this, but it is a shame it gets cakey! I have some bad hormonal breakouts on my cheek right now and nothing is covering it. :(

    1. Me too, Margo! It's such a pain lol! I was disappointed I didn't like this!

  2. I haven't tried this before, but I can already tell you I wouldn't like it. Thick concealers tend to cake up on me, pretty much like what happened to you. Did you try setting it with a powder maybe?

    1. I did use a powder and it worked okay but a few hours later it looked cakey again. And no I don't think you would like this then! I agree I don't care for thick concealers either!

  3. I received this in my ipsy bag too and I hated it! It settles into fine lines under my eyes which in my age are sprouting like gawd damn mushrooms after the rain.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. LOL Shireen! You always make me laugh! Don't worry I have a ton of fine line too, so I'm glad you like me know so I don't try to use this there!!

  4. I hate it when people rave about something and in all actuality it's a mess. Concealers can be tricky. That MAC concealer is good, I just wish it had different packaging. The pump on it makes it hard to dispense, or maybe the one I have is defective.HAHAHA Great review Ashley. I will definitely avoid.

    1. I totally agre Kim! Skip this one for sure. And I also agree about the Mac packaging. I actually pump it into a little plastic thing (like the ones at sephora that they put samples in) so that emery no product gets wasted and I can use the rest the next day!

  5. i think they sent everyone medium! i needed a light one but i already owned it. i like it on others instead of me