Monday, January 11, 2016

Covergirl TruNaked Goldens Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello!! Today I'm sharing my review for one of the new Covergirl TruNaked eyeshadow palettes! A lot of you seemed really interested in this when I shared it in my haul post! I've been searching for these palettes for a while now so I was really excited to get my hands on one. 

There are three different palettes that Covergirl offers. I chose the 'Goldens' because I liked the matte transition shade best in this one, and I really wanted the two gold shades. The 'Nudes' was also very pretty and a tiny bit more neutral since the Goldens has some green shades. The 'Roses' have pink and purple toned shadows. All three are gorgoues, and I had a hard time picking between the Goldens and the Nudes. 

These are around $10-12 and you get 8 shadows, mostly shimmer with 2-3 matte shades. 

Covergirl has put some huge claims on these palettes by saying they shade like a leading $50 eyeshadow palette. This may or may not be true, which I will talk about after my swatches and eye looks I created. 


Eye looks
Here I used the lightest gold shade on my lid, the light transition shade and the deep bronze in my crease, with the darkest shade in the outer corner. 

For this one I used the darker gold on my lid, the light transition shade in my crease, and the darker green shade over top in my crease.

For this last look I used the lightest gold shade on he first half of my lid, and the darkest green shade on the second half. For my crease I used the light brown transition shade and the darkest brown in my outer corner. 

My Thoughts
-I've already mentioned that this palette is beautiful. The shadows swatch nicely and the pigmentation is good. 
-The shadows are very, very soft- so if you aren't careful there will be fall out (avoid attacking your face with these like I usually do!)  BUT they are not chalky or powdery. Just very soft. They blend amazingly, and they are very buttery.
-The transition shade is one of the best I've used because it blends out
so nice. With the shadows being soft I recommend using a wet brush to apply the colors you want to use on you lid. This makes for no fall out, and a beautiful Metalic shade. 

So is this comparable to a high end $50 eyeshadow?
Not quite, but almost. If I'm rating Urban Decay or Lorac at a 10, I would say these Covergirl ones are about a 7-8, while I'd say the Maybelline palettes are about a 6. I hope that comparison helps give you an idea of how they stand. They are good, but I think if Covergirl is trying to compare them to high end shadows, then they need to up their game on the packaging and it would be nice if they offered more shades (12 like the Maybelline ones!). They do have good pigment and the ease in which they blend out is amazing to me. 

I'm really enjoying this palette and I definitely recommend checking them out of you were thinking about trying them! I want to pick up the Nudes version of this palette, but I think I'll skip the Roses sine I don't wear those colors as often. 

Will you be picking any of these Covergirl palettes up?

Later this week-
Expect to see my review for the Maybelline Master Contour Palette, and a Lush Haul! I'm also working on a what's in my bag video, and I want to do a tutorial using this Covergirl palette!
Also, my last post (the little things #4..) was my 400th blog post! That is crazy to me how many posts I've done in the 2.5 years I've been blogging!


  1. I was patiently waiting for this review and you wrote it so quickly lol! These colors are absolutely gorgeous and I love the eye look you created with the shades! That's quite impressive that this palette is almost as good as Urban Decay and Lorac! Great Review Ashley!

    1. Also congratulations on your 400th blog post!! That's such an wonderful accomplishment for an amazing blogger and amazing friend :)

    2. Thank you Pilar!!! I did the review quick because I've been using this everyday for a week straight lol!!! And I definitely think they are better than the Maybelline ones, but not quite as good as the high ends I mentioned but seriously almost as good! And thank you! I can't believe I've written 400 posts! Makes me feel like I've been blogging longer than I have!!

  2. YES LUSH HAUL I LOVE LUSH HAULS. I'm planning to make a trip there sometime this week myself so I'm interested in seeing what you got!

    I love the second look in this one - gold all over the lid is one of my favorites! I agree that a great transition shade is so helpful in any palette. I wish drugstore makeup had better packaging too, sometimes I feel like I don't shop at the drugstore more often because of just the packaging lol.

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. Also I forgot to write too, congrats on the 400th post! It's almost mind boggling how much that is!

    2. Haha thank you Becky! And it's an insane amount of blogging! Makes me feel like I've been blogging longer than I have!! And I agree that drugstore needs better packaging! That's why I was super excited about the new packaging on the wet n wild bushes!!! And I sware I could buy everything in lush! I hope you'll do a haul too since you're planning a trip there! My haul video will be up tonight, and a post on my blog tomorrow!!!

  3. I am so glad that this performed so well...well, better than any Covergirl shadow I've seen! I actually really want the Rose colored one! They are constantly sold out around me though so I will have to wait!

    1. I was glad too!! I honestly didn't except much from these, and tried them more out of curiosity, because Covergirl shadows are ones I usually shy away from. The rose one is gorgoues, I hope you can find it soon!!