Monday, January 11, 2016

Lush Haul | Bath Bombs and Skin Care!

Hello! Welcome to my first Lush haul of 2016!

My mom got me a Lush gift card for Christmas which made me super excited. I love Lush (as you all probably know) but I don't get to go very often since there is only 3 in Michigan and they are all almost an hour away from my house. I don't order online usually for a few different reasons- mainly because the shipping takes forever and is usually kind of expensive, and also I like to see the products in person and ask questions about them. Their bath bombs can easily break a little in the mail (which you will see me rant about in the video!). 

Anyways, I did end up ordering online because some of their items were buy one get one free, so I could not pass up that deal. Most were bath products and from the holiday collections, so I got some of those, and some skin care items that I've been wanting to try out as well!

Sorry for the crappy quality of this photo, with all the shadows and bad lighting! I really wanted to use one of the bath bombs when my order arrived, and I kind of forgot to take a photo for the video thumbnail and blog post until after it was dark outside and the lighting wasn't very good.

Anyways, enjoy my haul video!

Also- I've switched the comment section to the Google+ one. I've been wanting to change the comment section of my blog for a while now, but I haven't due to laziness. I like how to Google+ and Disqus notifies you when someone responds to your comments. On the original blogger one, you have to click notify me, and it notifies you when everyone comments and you have to go back thriough and see when the blog owner replies. Google+ and Disqus emails you directly and its just easier. I reply to every comment on my blog, and I want my followers to see when I reply and see my response so thats why I changed it! I originally wanted the Disqus system but it seemed complicated and since my dumbs is no good with tech things, I didn't feel like dealing with it so I went with Google+ and it was super easy! Do you guys like this form of commenting better?

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