Monday, March 14, 2016

High End Palettes | Worth the Money

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend. I first wanted to thank you all for your kind comments and enjoying on my last post, Creating Balance! I was actually kind of nervous to post it because I know some people have strong opinions on fitness, healthy eating, or just a healthy lifestyle in general. I'm so glad you guys liked that post, shared some of your stories with me, and felt the same as I did! That means a lot to me and makes me want to keep doing posts like that!

So for today's post I'm going to share the high end palettes that I own that I personally think are worth the money/hype. I posted a video not long ago on my favorite drugstore products and wanted to do a highend one too, but I thought I would break up these ones into categories and share which ones I love and think are worth buying. I might do some posts on high end makeup that I think is not worth the money or hype as well, if you guys would like me to!

Also please keep in mind through these posts that these are just my opinions and personal favorite. I understand not everyone loves the same makeup/palettes! But I do hope this helps if anyone was thinking of buying these!

Urban Decay Naked Palette (original)
This was the first highend palette that I bought, so I will always love it. Out of all of the naked palettes I own, this will always be my favorite and if I had to recommend one out of all of them, this would be it. 
All of them are great of course, and both the naked basics palettes are worth checking out too. 

Lorac Pro Palette (original)
This is the only Lorac pro palette I have and its amazing quality. I love how this palette has just as much shimmers as it does matte shades because not many palettes offer that. The pro 2 never appealed to me as much but I have considered purchasing it since I love this one so much. I do want the pro to go and one of the pro all matte palettes (I can't remember the name!). 

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocoalte Bar Palette 

This is another one of my most used and all time favorites. I don't have the original Chocoalte bar or the Bon Bon one to compare it to, but those ones are gorgeous as well. I love the semi sweet palette because the colors are so warmed toned and warm toned shadows are my favorite. The quality of these is just as amazing as UD and Lorac. 

Tartelette Palettes 
I know I just purchased the in bloom, and oh gosh is it beautiful, but I couldn't mention just the original because I love them both. I haven't been too impressed with Tarte's other shadow palettes, but something about these is amazing. I'm not going to say much more because I kind of want to do a video comparing the two palettes. 

Sauce Box Creme de la Creme Palette 
I very rarely hear anyone talk about Sauce Box so I wanted to mention this palette because he quality of these shadows is so freaking amazing. I don't know why I don't hear anyone talk about these more! They have a verity of palettes, and I definitely want more, but the one I have is the Creme de la Cream palette. It's a great neutral palette, and the size of the shadow are huge. I've had this for 3-4 years and have barely put a dent into any of them. The pigmentation is great and they are super buttery just like UD or Lorac shadows. This is actually the palette I used on my wedding day when I did my makeup! 

So these are the palettes that I've chosen out of my collection that I think are most worth the money. I cannot recommend any of them enough! 

What are your favorite highend palettes? Which makeup category would you like to see next for high end ones worth the money or hype? 

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