Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wet n Wild Ombre Blushes

Hello! Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share my review for the Wet n Wild Ombre blushes. I was super impressed with the Wet n Wild Rose Champagne blush, which I've talked about a million times so I wanted to give the Ombre blushes a go too. Since they reformulated and repackaged their blushes, I had really high hopes for the Ombre ones. 

I picked up two of these and I believe they are $3.99 or $4.99 at Target. The first one I picked up is In a Purple Haze and I was unsure about the color, so u picked up The Princess Daquires second so I could keep testing the formula. 

In a Purple Haze 
 Here's swatched of the different shades and the mixed together all the way on the right. I was hoping this would come out more pinkish/lavender because I have a Nars blush like that which I love. It felt like this wasn't super pigmented but I also felt like I was putting purple blush all over my face. The main reason I didn't care for this is because the color didn't match any of my bronzers well and it looked. weird. 

The Princess Daquires 
I had higher hopes for this one since it looked like a pretty peachy/coral shade. It is pretty, but the pigmentation isn't great enough to show up on my skin. I can layer this over top of another blush but I was disappointed I couldn't use it by its self, and it's not very buildable. And mind you, I have very pale skin. 

So basically these were a no go, and I wouldn't recommend them. Don't waste your money, and go for the original wet n wild blushes instead! 

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