Friday, May 6, 2016


I had a totally different post planned for today. Then I had a spark of inspiration and my heart really felt the need to write this post instead. 

I'm going to talk about kindness. 

Here's a little story first, and this part isn't normally something I would share, and I'm going to keep it short, but it's something I feel like I should share first before getting into the kindness part. 

The other day I felt a little discouraged and beat down by life. It was something that in a sense I couldn't really change, and I felt a little stuck. Ok that wasn't much of a 'story', but that give you a little jist of how I was feeling. 

Fast forward a few- I was okay, content, and made peace. But what really helped me and made me feel better was some kindness that I was shown from others. I didn't tell anyone about why I was upset besides my husband, so seeing these acts of kindness from others towards me, when they didn't even know that I needed it, just really touched my heart. It's easy to be kind to others when you know they need kindness, but to just show kindness to someone just because is really something special. 

I had three different situations where other showed kindness to me, and they just did things to touch my heart and my heart is really swelling with joy. I'm close to tears by how touched I am.

I'm going to share one of the things today, basically because it's just something so simple. And the best part is that they didn't even know how kind they were being to me. One of my friends simply just texted me to tell me that she missed me and that we need to get together soon. She didn't even even realized how much that touched my heart , and I told her how much it did. Mainly because I kind get kind of anti social, and I forget to text or call my friends or family members. It's something that I need to work on. I dont do it on purpose, it just happens. 

So basically what I'm trying to say is that something as simple as a text message from a friend saying they miss you can really brighten someone's day. I know that it did for me.

Kindness is always something that we can chose over anger. Sometimes it might not be easy when we are upset at something, but everyone deserves to have kindness in their life. 

I'm sorry if this was sappy, but sometimes when I feel an emotion so strong as I do right now I just feel the need to write about it. This is something that I would have normally written in my journal and kept to myself, but my heart felt really compelled to share this today. 

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