Wednesday, June 1, 2016

BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette a Review | Collab with Pilar

Isn't it exciting when a favorite YouTuber of yours Collabs with companies to create a palette, or makeup product? I had my eyes on the palette Shaaanxo created with BH cosmetics, and then my wonderful friend Pilar from Beauty and More by Pilar sent it to me as an early birthday present! I was super excited, so a huge thank you to Pilar for gifting me this awesome palette!

Today me and Pilar are doing a collab post and sharing our review and some makeup looks using the Shaaanxo palette, so head over to her blog as well to check out the post she created! This is my first product from BH cosmetics (can you believe that??) so I was not only excited to try out this gorgeous palette, but to try something from a brand that I haven't tried before!

What's awesome about this palette is that it's double sided. One side opens up to have 9 stunning eyeshadows, and then you flip it around and then there are 9 lipsticks on the other side! The packaging is super nice, which each side having a magnetic closure. 

Here the shadows with (bottom) and without (top) the flash. The palette is neutral, and has both matte and shimmer shades.

-The top row has a matte cream shade that's perfect for the brow bone or all over to set your primer. The shade in the middle is a gorgeous champagne shade and is one of my favorites in the palette. And the third one is s beautiful rose gold color. 
-The second row starts with a light orangey shade that's a good transition color. Then a pretty bronze shade right in the middle. Last is my favorite shade in the palette, a pretty orange/brown/rusty color that's amazing for the crease. I am obsessed with shades like this right now!
-The last row has beautiful darker shades. The first two are great for the lid or outer corners. The one in the middle is a duo chrome shade so it looks different depending on which type of shadow base you use. And the last shade is a dark matte brown. 

Here is one eye look that I've done using the pretty champagne color on my lid, the orange/rusty shade in my crease, and the darker brown in the outer corner. 
Here's another eye look where I was going for more of a rose gold theme. I used the rose gold shade on my lid, and the orange/rusty shade in my crease. 

The lipsticks have a wide range of colors from nude to dark and vampy. 
-The first row had pretty pink/peach tones, and bright orange and coral. 
-The second row has a darker brown/nude, and pretty fuchsia, and a bright pink. 
-The last row has a lighter nude, a bright red, and a deep burgundy. 

These are all very pigmented and creamy. But I love that you can definitely build up the color, or keep them sheer since they are in the pot form. 

My Thoughts
-Since I never used BH cosmetics before I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that the eyeshadows are amazing quality. They are buttery and smooth, have great pigmentation, and blend nicely. 
-The shimmer shades are one of the best that I've used. I don't have to wet my brush to apply them, and they shimmer stays put. I notice some shimmer shadows fade and aren't as shimmery after you apply them, but these hold their ground. 
-The lipsticks are super nice and creamy. They aren't drying on the lips, and feel really glossy too. I like that there are so many different shades. There is something for everyone in there!
-This is definitely an amazing palette and Shaaanxo did a great job at creating this with BH cosmetics! I loved watching her video where she announced her palette and talked about each of the eyeshadows and lip colors. Her energy is amazing and you can definitely tell how excited she was about this palette!

And thank you again to Pilar for sending me this, and don't forget to checkout her review as well!! 

Have you tried BH cosmetics before? What's your favorite palette from them?

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