Thursday, June 23, 2016

Friday Favorites | Lifestyle

Happy weekend everyone, and happy last Friday in June. Where the heck has this month gone? I'm going to keep this intro short and let's just get into my lifestyle favorites for this week.

Favorite TV shows || Both Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters came back on tv this week! Both of them were starting a new season, and both of them left us seriously hanging in last season's finale episode. I'm sure everyone has heard of PLL but I've never heard of The Fosters until I started watching it on Netflix maybe last Fall? I'm not sure when. Anyways, if you haven't watched it then I definitely recommend checking it out, it's such a good show! 

Favorite Purchase || I bought a book that Marissa Lace was talking about in one of her YouTube videos called The Soul Searchers Handbook. I got it in the mail on Tuesday and have just started reading it. This book has everything from yoga and meditation to healing crystals, aromatherapy, dreamology, astrology, holistic living, etc. If you are into these sort of things, definitely check it out. 

Favorite Inspiration || Speaking of mediation, I've been on Pinterest looking up how to create a mediation space. Some of you may know that I'm into yoga, but I've never tried meditation other than a quick Savasana to relax  after yoga. I've been curious about trying meditation, or maybe I just want a cute little space in my house that looks relaxing? ;)

Favorite Essential Oils || I've recently purchased Lavender and the R.C oil blend from Young Living. These are doing wonders for my allergies and sinus issues. And I love using the legend we in my diffuser! It not only smells amazing, but it's very calming and relaxing.  

Favorite Quote || I like to share my favorite quotes with you guys. I was looking on Pinterest for quote about the moon, because let's face it. I'm a little obessed with the moon, and all things sun/moon related. 

What were some of your lifestyle favorites this week? Let me know in the comments!

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