Monday, July 18, 2016

Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Moonlight

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Today I'm sharing my thoughts on my newest edition to my highlighter collection- the Lorac Light Source Illiumiating Highlighter in Moonlight. I've been on a highlighter craze, and when I swatched these Lorac highlighter in Ulta, I wanted every single one of them. There is 4 to choose from, but I went with Moonlight because it was different from all my other highlighters. 

These retail for $22 and can be found at Ulta. I did not see them on the Lorac website. 
The packaging is very nice and has a pretty gunmetal metallic detail, and a megnetic closure. 

About this product from Ulta's website 
"Instantly bring luminosity and life to your face with Lorac Light Source Highlighter. These paraben-free, high-pearl highlighters are infused with anti-aging antioxidants and light diffusing, soft focus pigments for a silky-smooth, luminous glow. This illuminating, complexion-enhancing formula can be worn sheer for a soft, natural sheen or layered for a high-shine, dramatic effect. Become a beautiful, sensual source of light with Lorac."

Moonlight is described as a 'Peal Pink', and while I have other pink toned highlighters, this one is different because the shade is a very soft pink and it is pearly like its described. The other pink highlighters that I own are definitely way more pink/darker than this. 

My Thoughts-
-I am on loveee with this highlighter, and yes I still want the other three! They are all gorgeous I can't stand it. 
-This is a stunning highlight that is very pigmented, but it's not too intense. It gives a very nice glow and sheen without being sparkly or shimmery. 
-The highlighters in the ABH glow kit that I own are very intense, and this one is very different. I like my highlight to stand out, and Moonlight definitely does, but it a different way than the ABH glow kits do. It's hard to describe unless you own them both and see for yourself. Think more 'sheen' instead of 'shimmer and sparkle'. 
-Like the description says, they can be sheered out, or built up which is great if you do want a more intense highlight. 
-The shade is pink toned, but it does not look very pink when it's applied, but you can see the pearly tone in it. It looks good with any blush color in my opinion. 
-These highlights would be perfect for anyone who likes highlights and illuminating powders but not super intense ones!

I definitely recommend checking these out, and I can't wait to pick up more of them! 

Have you tried the Lorac highlighters before? If so leave your thoughts on them in the comments!

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