Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Eyebrow Routine | Grooming, Filling in, & Favorite Products

I've always been someone who has done and groomed my eye brows at home. I have been since I was a teenager! My eye brows are super light and not very thick, so I've never needed to go have them waxed. I've had them waxed a few times times (perks of when I worked in a salon!) but it was never super necessary for me, and I just prefer to do them myself. Thanks to over plucking them when I was a teenager, I've had to learn to fill in my brows as well. 

I recently read some articles from Into the Gloss on how to fill in your eyebrows and it's inspired me to make my own blog post on how I groom and fill in my brows, some tips and tricks that I've learned, and my favorite brow products that I recommend! And the part of my favorite brow products- they are all affordable and from the drugstore! 

All of my tips, tricks, and techniques are super easy to do yourself at home! First I'll share how I groom my brows, and then how I fill them in and the products that I use everyday. 

-I've always plucked my eye brows instead of using wax. Any tweezers of your preference will work- mine are from target. I pluck away the hairs that are unwanted every few days.
-I also use a spoolie from my eyebrow pencil and some scissors to trim long hair down. Smaller scissors will work better but unfortunately I lost mine, so I've just been using my hair cutting scissors instead. I use to spoolie to comb my brow hair straight up, and any hair that longer than the top of my brows I trim away. Towards the middle and end of my brows where it's a thinner area, I comb the hair down as well, and if any hair is longer then my brows that way too, I trim that away as well. 

Filling in my brows
Here is a before photo before I fill in my brows. 

Step 1- I like my brows more 'square' in front rather than rounded, so I draw a few light lines upwards to make the shape in the front with my brow pencil.  I use very soft and short strokes to mimic how hairs would look. 
Step 2- After I have the front of my brows how I like them, I draw a light line on the bottom of my brows starting from the front to the end. I do this to start creating the shape. 
Step 3- I do the exact same thing as step 2, but on the top of my brows to finish creating the shape and arch. 
Step 4- After I've created the shape that I like, I fill them in with my pencil. While I'm filling them in, I go back and forth with the pencil and the spoolie, so I can make sure everything is blended well. I also still use soft and short strokes to mimic how brow hairs look. 

And here is after my brows are filled in. I do one brow at a time, so after they are both done I go back and forth between them and try my best to make them even. I usually use a qtip or a small shadow brush to clean up any mistakes!

My favorite brow products 

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil- This is my go to and absolute favorite brow pencil! It's affordable since it's from the drugstore, and it's an amazing alternative to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. In my opinion and experience, the two products are identical so I opt for the Nyx one since it's half the price. It has a very fine and small tip so that makes it easy to both fill in my brows and create a shape for them. The spoolie is great as well!
Essence Make Me Brow- This is the newest edition to my brow routine! I love this brow gel, and it's also an amazing dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow ($2.99 vs $24!). *My review for this brow gel is coming next week!!*

I don't use brow powders too often anymore, but I do like using them if I need to darken up or even out the color of my brows. Sometimes if my brows look patchy, the powder fixes that issue. I love the Oh Hai Brow by Australis that my friend Natalie sent me, but the Nyx brow powders are awesome too! The brow wax in the Oh Hai Brow is tinted, which I prefer to the clear one in the Nyx kit. 

And this concludes my eye brow routine, and the products that I recommend most for filling in brows! If you want to see some other tips and tricks, definitely check out this on Into the Gloss that I mentioned earlier for some inspiration of you own!

Do you have an eyebrow routine? What are your favorite brow products? 

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