Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Purple Haze | Makeup Tutorial

I cannot stop obsessing over fun colored shadows. You guys, I think I have a problem. Two of my newest editions to my collection are ones from Makeup Geek that Kathleen Lights used in a makeup tutorial. I knew I had to have them after I watched this video. Since I don't own a ton of purple shadows, I figured why not add them to my collection.

Today I have a makeup tutorial using Makeup Geek's Carnival and Masquerade shadows, and I create a very pretty purple eyeshadow look that was inspired from Kathleen Light's video that I liked above. It's not identical because she used a few other shadows that I didn't own, but the main two shades I used are Carnival and Masquerade. 

Click HERE to watch the video! 
This video gave me huge problems. I had to re edit it twice, and re process it 4 times. My video and audio kept getting screwed up and didn't match with each other. Has this ever happened to anyone when editing videos, and do you know how to fix that if it happens? I ended up deleting my outro for this one and ending it in my voice over that I did because I did not want to edit it a third time. So frustrating! I actually filmed this one before my Lorac Pro video review, and it didn't happen to me in that one, so I'm not sure why it did that with this one. 

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the video! I also got some new shadows from Strobe Cosmetics, so expect to see more tutorials using them soon!

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