Monday, July 25, 2016

Essence Make Me Brow | Review

Have you ever really wanted to splurge on a product that you knew was too expensive for what it was? That's exactly what I did with the benefit gimme brow, and while I really love it, never again did I was to pay $24 for a tiny tube of eyebrow gel. 

When I heard that Essence Make Me Brow was a great dupe for the Benefit one, AND that it was only $2.99, I was dying to get my hands on it. I talked about this product last week in my eye brow routine (click here to see!) and today I'm going to share my review for it. 

This brow product is a tinted gel has tiny fibers in it to help fill in and make your brows look fuller just like Benefit Gimme Brow does. 

The brush is tiny so it's easy to use. Benefit's brush is tiny as well, but since I don't own that product any more I can't show a comparison in size. 

Both Essence and Benefit offer 3 different shades. I have 'browny brows' in the Essence one. I do remember that Benefit only use to offer 2 different shades and I always used the darker of them. I can't say if each of the 3 shades are identical since I haven't tried them all. If you have dark hair like I do, then I suggest getting the darkest shades of both products, as they both looked identical on me.

My Thoughts
-This is an amazing brow gel for only $2.99. Never again will I pay $24 for the Gimme Brow. If you love the Benefit version, this Essence one is just as great and a much cheaper alternative. 
-Make me brow last all day on my brows and doesn't fade. It gives them a nice color and helps to fill in any uneven areas. It's great for just running through your brows if you are in a hurry too or don't want to fill them in fully. 
-The formula is nice and creamy and blends well. It hasn't been clumpy, nor is too watery and thin like a Nyx brow gel I tried once!

Bottom line- this stuff is amazing and I definitely recommend giving it a try!

What are your favorite Essence products? Let me know in the comments! This brow gel is one of the first products that I've tried from Essence so I'd love to know which others are worth trying! 

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