Thursday, August 25, 2016

Friday Favorites | End of August

Hello! Happy Weekend!

I was totally going to edit a 'what I eat in a day' video to go along with this post and combine a Friday Favorites and Foodie Friday but I had a super busy day yesterday and realized too late that I needed to do a voice over for the video. I'm kind of bummed, but I'll try to do it next week instead!

So I'll just be sharing some lifestyle favorites per usual today! 

Favorite Inspiration || Me and hubby have been looking at house plans like crazy for when we start building our house. I'm more interested in the decoration (LOL) and found a ton of things on Pinterest that I liked. I definitely want a bit of a bohemian vibe going on, but also a tad bit modern rustic. 

Favorite on YouTube || I found this super cute DIY planner video by Belinda Selene and I might try to make one. I admire cute planners and LOVE watching people to plan with me videos on YouTube! But since I'm currently not working, I'm not willing to spend he extra money on a planner and tons of sticker kits right now, especially since I have a bad habit of buying that stuff and not sticking with it after a month or so. So I might try to made one of these DIY planners instead! I'll definitely share my thoughts on it if I do. 

Favorite Purchase || You guys...I am wayyyy too obsessed with my Sand Cloud towel and purchases!! You're probably sick of hearing me talk about it and seeing all my posts LOL. I did a full post yesterday on my purchases and shared a ton of info about the company and which charities they work with! Check it out here if you haven't yet!

Favorite thing I'm looking forward to || I get super excited every August and September because the Renaissance Festival comes to Michigan at the end of August. We will probably go Labor Day weekend or the weekend after. We go every single year and dress up too. I did a post two or three years ago on my makeup and outfit, but I'm thinking about doing a get ready with my video sharing my makeup and costume. Let me know if that's somethings you'd like to see!! 

Favorite Quote || Last but not least, I'm sharing my favorite quote. I read this the other day and it's soooo me! I had to share! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! What are your plans?

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