Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sand Cloud

I'm sure you've all seen my Instagram  Posts this week on the Sand Cloud  items that I purchased. I just recently became an ambassador for the company, and it's something that I've been ridiculously excited about. I've been stalking their Instagram for the past year or two and entering ecery giveaway they've done (no luck!) so I'm excited that I've finally bought some stuff from them!

About Sand Cloud 
Sand Cloud's mission is to help save marine life. 10% of their sales are donated nosn-profit charities that share their same mission. 
-The Surfrider Foundation helps preserve oceans, beaches, and sustain marine ecosystems. 
-Pacific Marine Mammal Center  specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals.
-San Diego Coastkeeper  helps restores fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County. 

I've always been interested in companies like this and have bought products from a number of them already (Elephant Pants, Ivory Ella, Hmong Hill etc.). 

The two items I purchased where the Save the Fishies Seafoam Glass Water Bottle and the Boho Iris Beach Towel
Their beach towels are hand-loomed in Turkey and are made from 100% Turkish Cotton. 38 × 68″, and all of their towels are 100% satisfaction gauranteed, so if you aren't happy with your purchase you can send it back for a refund (but they are amazing, so you won't want to!) I'm also a huge sucker for things made in other countries for some reason!

*Not only can these be used as towels, but you can hang them up like a Tapestry, lay them on my bed or couch for decoration, use them as a beach cover up or sarong, or a blanket!*

I had a hard time choosing which towel to purchase because I wanted all of them! They have beautiful tie dye ones, acid wash ones, simple but pretty striped ones, large rounded beach towels, and towels that fold up into a backpack! They also have cute sea turtle necklaces, t-shirts, etc.  

I'm super happy with my purchases and will definitely purchase another towel soon! And I love the #savethefishies sticker that came with the purchase! 

I have a discount code for 25% off (ASHLEYSB25) if anyone is interested!
*This post is NOT sponsored by Sand Cloud. Even though I am an ambassador, I've purchased everything for myself and was provided a discount code for my friends and family to use.*

Have you heard of Sand Cloud before? 

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