Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friday Favorites | Lifestyle

Happy Friday!

Today I'm sharing my Friday lifestyle favorites. Next week I'm going to test out a new blog schedule. I've been (trying) to post Monday-Friday with Tuesday's and Thursday's being video days. My schedule has been a little wonky since I got back from vacation and I've skipped a few days of blogging. It seems like Thursday's have low activity on my blog and YouTube, so I think I'll be uploading my videos on Mondays and Wednesday's instead, and saving my blog posts for Tuesday's, Thursday's (maybe), and Friday's. I want to keep Friday's for Friday favorites or Foodie Friday posts, but I might skip Thursday's. Let me know what you think!

Speaking of Thursdays- I posted a makeup tutorial yesterday, check it out here if you haven't already!

This week didn't have much going on for me, but it did fly by like always. Let's get into my favorites! 

Favorite Food || I have been obsessed with this new Mediterrian restaurant that opened up by my house a few months ago. We've gone a few times and I can't get enough of it. They bring you this amazing and fresh baked pita bread with hommus and this garlic cream sauce. I always order the falafel plate and a side of rice. They also have fresh juice ans smoothies too! So good! 

Favorite Purchase || I found these super cute Fall and Halloween salt and pepper shakers, and they were only $1 each!! I bought them to set out on my window sill in my kitchen for next month-November, but I doubt I'll actually use them for their purpose LOL! Is anyone else excited for Fall? I'll be sad to see summer go, but Fall is my favorite season and September and October are my favorite months. I love Fall decorations too!

Favorite on Netflix || Did anyone else use to watch Degrassi when they were younger? I loved that show so I was excited when Netflix came out with their own orginal series continuing the show with new characters. I'm watching season 2 right now. I don't think it's as good as the original series (seems a bit cheesy/Disney channel ish?) but I'm still enjoying it! I binged watched season 2 last night LOL. 

Favorite Creation || Everytime we go on vacation I made a sort of picture frame collage with photos, postcards, and little things from our vacation. I thought I'd share the ones I made from our California trip! We did so many things and went to so many places, it took me 5 pictures frames! Here's 4 of them that I made, the 5th one isn't as exciting or creative as these so I didn't take a photo of it. 

Favorite 'Me Time'/Personal || I made it a goal this year to start journaling as a way to get down my thoughts as a stress reliever, and also to just jot down memories so I can go back and read them later. I was doing super good at the beginning of the year and then kind of stopped. I was kind of mad that I stopped, but then I decided I didn't want to feel pressured to write in it either. Anyways- I started using my journal again because I wanted to write stuff down from our vacation so I could read it later and remember how wonderful it was! 

What are some of your lifestyle favorites this month? Let me know in the comments!

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