Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nail Care Routine + Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

Hello! Happy Hump Day!

I've mentioned quite a few times that I use to worked in a nail salon, and I did nails for a long time. I've never talked much about nails here on my blog, so to switch things up I thought I would share my nail care routine and my favorite Fall nail polishes. Taking care of my nails has become such a routine for me ever since I worked in a nail salon, and it's something I enjoy doing.

Cleaning and Shaping
I don't do anything super fancy to my nails. Dispute all of the thousands of manicures I've done on clients, I prefer to keep my routine simple. I usually do my nail routine after I shower at night so my nails and skin are soft and theres no need to soak them. 
Step One- I shape them first with a file. I prefer my nails square with round edges. I usually don't need to use clippers, because I keep mine a decent length that doesn't need cutting. I just included the clippers in this picture for purpose of the post, and plus mine are super cute ones that my old boss got me in Japan when I worked in the salon.
Step Two- I use cuticle cutters (last tool on the right) to clip away any dead skin/cuticle around my nails. It's super important to be sure to only clip the dead stuff, and not your actual cuticle. I also do not recommend doing this step unless you are 100% comfortable with doing it, and know how to do it well. You can always use a cuticle pusher instead to push the dead skin back and away.
Step 3- Next I lightly buff my nails, which helps to smooth them out, and get rid of any dead nail on top. 
And thats it! Super simple and easy

Nail Polish 
Here is the base and top coat that I use. The base is one from Zoya, and the top is from CND Vinylux. 
In the Fall I definitely gravitate towards more dark and vampy colors, as you can see. These all look super similar, but I like what I like, and they actually are different you just can't tell much in the photo.
From left to right-
OPI Everyone Month is Octoberfest, OPI Linkin Park After Dark, OPI William Tell me about OPI, OPI Midnight in Moscow, and Butter London LA Moss.
Every month is Octoberfest and Midnight in Moscow are both shimmery. Octoberfest has hints of purple and red in it, and Midnight in Moscow has more brown and red.
Linkin Park and Dark is a purple that is almost black, and both William Tell Me About OPI and Butter London LA Moss are both deep, blood red colors.

I actually have been giving my nails a break for paint the past few weeks. I still do my nail care routine in the meantime to keep them nice and groomed. I love Fall nail polish and have used each of these a ton already in September and beginning of October!

Do you have a nail care routine? What is your favorite Fall polish?

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