Friday, November 4, 2016

October Favorites

I know- I usually film my monthly favorites! I've just been a bit lazy slightly unmotivated to film videos lately, and actually slightly is a bit of an understatement. I'm trying to get out of my funk, but it's not happening. BUT I do have my mind on a few other things (good things!) and hopefully it's something that I'm going to start working on soon, and share it with you guys in a few weeks! Vague, I know, but let's just go with it.

I also didn't have a ton of stuff to share this month for favorites, so that's another reason why I opted for doing a post instead of a video. I have some skin care, and some makeup but I'm going to start with skin care products!

Skin Care
I reviews these two Derma E products here and I really love them, especially the night cream. I mentioned in my review the the day cream was a little thick to wear under makeup, but since I'm home most day I really don't wear makeup anymore (say what?!) except for 1-3 times a week. So this day cream has been in my skin care routine most days, and its nice because it keeps my face hydrated all day long when I don't wear foundation. The night cream is just amazing and also feels amazing when I use it at night, like my face is in heaven. 
-I also reviewed the Valentia serum here as well, and it's been another must have in my nightly skin care routine. I say that I'm freaking obsessed would also be and understatement. This stuff would probably make it into a top 5 list of all the skincare products that I've ever tried. It works that good for me.
-Lavender oil has become an everyday essential for me. I know this isn't exactly skin care, but I included it in this category because it fit better here than with the makeup. I'm obsessed with anything lavender scented now thanks to this oil. I use this every night right before I go to sleep and it's very soothing. I wouldn't say its enough to cure this bout of insomnia I'm going through lately, but it helps. 
-Last for skin care is from The Body Shop and its the Coconut Lip Butter from The Body Shop. This has been my go to lip balm lately, it's not my favorite that I've ever tried, but I love the scent/flavor to it and it has a nice texture.

I only have two makeup products to share! This is definitely a first for me, but like I mentioned before, I haven't been wearing makeup a ton lately. Its nice to give my skin a breather, but when I do put makeup on these have been two of my go to products. 
-I pulled on my Tartelette In Bloom Palette and have been using it every time I do my eye makeup. It's such a gorgeous palette, and I love the reddish tones it in. These are also super buttery and smooth shadows and blend super nice. If anyone wants to see my current go to makeup look using this, let me know!
-And lastly, my favorite cheek palette has been the Tarte Don't Be Afraid to Dazzle Contour and Highlight Palette. It's the newest edition to my makeup collection and I reviewed it here a few weeks ago. The contour is the perfect neutral shade, and the highlight is stunning champagne color. Also, I totally forgot to mention this in my review, but these powders smell amazing. They kind of remind me of the Too Faced Chocolate products. Seriously, go sniff this in a store and fall in love with the scent like I did. I'm such a sucker for makeup that smells good. I'm so weird.

That's all for my favorites last month. What are some of your favorites from October? Tell me about them in the comments! 

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