Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Collective Haul | Natural Beauty + Health Products

It's been s pretty long time since I've shared a haul on my blog. This one might be pretty boring- there's no makeup or things that I usually share in my hauls. But I do have some natural products to share that I've picked up in the last month or so- mostly body and health products, so if you are interested then keep on reading!

First up is the Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap in Lavender. I was looking for a new body wash and came across this at target. I've heard of Dr. Bronner's before but never gave it a thought until it was in front of my face. And this stuff is amazing! It's made with tons of awesome organic and fair trade ingredients. The best part is, that it's an all in one soap. You can use it for practically anything (face body, laundry, dishes, etc.) I haven't tried it for anything other than body wash, but I've been super intrigued.

Next is the Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner that you guys have heard me talk about probably a thousand times. Last time I purchased this I tried out the lavender scent, and it was okay, but the Rose scent is definitely my preference.

Last in this photo is the Nourish Organic Deodorant. I was on a hunt for a new natural deodorant. This one doesn't have baking soda in it, which is what I was looking for, but unfortunately this deodorant was a no go for me.

Speaking of deodorant, I picked up this bag of Arrowroot Powder at my local health foods store to try and make my own. I use this arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and some essential oils. It turned out nice, and smells amazing.  If anyone wants to know the recipe, I will do a separate post on it!

Next is the MegaFood Balance B Complex Vitamins. I haven't taken vitamins in a very long time, and I did tons of research before I bought these. I wanted to make sure I was taking a whole supplement, and one that was good quality.

I picked up two types of herbal tea. Both brands are organic and also from a local health food store. The first one is a Tulsi Tea from Organic India and I chose the peppermint flavor. If you read my November Favorites, I mentioned that I was really enjoying peppermint tea right now. This one is super good, but not as pepperminty as other brands I've tried. The other brand of tea I picked up is from Gaia and this was kind of an impulse buy because I saw that it was called Sinus comfort and I was sold. It has a ton of different herbs in it and I wasn't sure if this would be good or not, but it is.

I picked up a new jar of Coconut oil, and embarrassingly surprisingly I have never used the unrefined kind before! I've loved coconut oil for many years, but I always stuck to the refined kind because if I wanted to cook with it, I didn't want my veggie stir fry to taste like coconut. I bought the unrefined kind this time to use in my DIY deodorant, and I'm hooked and never going back. This stuff smells so amazing, just like fresh coconut!

And last is the Tom's Natural Toothpaste. I've finally made the switch to natural toothpaste and am never going back either. Tom's wasn't my first choice in brand, but I kept seeing it at target and kept wanting to try it. I'm obsessed. I was worried that natural tooth paste wasn't going to foam up like regular kind does, and that my teeth weren't going to feel clean. This foams up super nice and my teeth feel amazing, super fresh, and definitely clean. I have never used a better tooth paste before. I picked a whitening one and I immediately saw results with it whitening my teeth, so much more than the Crest Whitening ones ever has!

And this is all for my little natural beauty and health haul. I hope you guys enjoyed! If there's anything on here that you'd like a review or more information about, let me know!

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