Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Favorites

I seriously feel like I just did my October favorites. I can't believe November is gone and we are already in the first week of December! I say things like this every month, but for real this year went by too fast.
I don't have a ton to share again this month, but here's the few things that I've been loving this month.

I'll start off with the few makeup products that have been favorites.
The Tarte Don't be Afraid to Dazzle contour and highlight palette made my favorites last month, and here it is again this month because I'm still obsessed with it. I don't wear makeup too often anymore, but when I do this has been a must use for me the past two months. I get so excited to use this every time I do my makeup.
I've also been using the Tarte Exposed blush a lot lately. It's the perfect nude blush shade for me, and this lasts all day on my cheeks without looking splotchy at the end of the night.
The Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ has been a favorite foundation of mine for years, and it's my currently favorite foundation again.
And last for makeup is the Nyx liquid suede lipstick in Soft Spoken. This has made my favorites in the past, but I wore it on Thanksgiving and remembered how much I loved it. This lipstick lasted all day on my lips, and I mean it lasted through two thanksgiving dinners and was still on my lips when I went home at night at 11 pm. 12 hours!

Next is three essential oils form my Eden's Garden oil haul that I shared last month. My my favorite three have been Exhale, Sleep Ease, and Blood Orange. I was sick last month with a cold and Exhale was super nice to help me breath. I use Sleep Ease every night, and the Blood Orange is such an amazing and fresh orange scent.

The Lush Fresh Face Mask in Rosy Cheeks has definitely been a favorite of mine. I did a review in mid November you can check out here. This mask is amazing and it has the best Rose scent that I've ever used/smelled.
And lastly is some Peppernint tea. I've been obsessed. I stopped drinking tea for a few years because some teas are high in oxalate (black tea) which causes me to get kidney stones. I stayed away from all tea with the exception of a few times a year as a treat, but after doing some research I found out that herbal teas have low oxalate content. My mother in law gave me some herbal teas and my favorite has been peppermint. Even though I use to drink tea twice a day, I never tried peppermint tea until a few weeks ago. I bought an organic brand last week, which you can see from the photo, but you'll see more info on it later this week in a haul post that I'll be doing!

What are your favorites from November? Tell me about them in the comments!

Also, did you see my Holiday Gift Guide that I posted on Friday??  Check it out HERE if you missed it!

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