Wednesday, August 16, 2017

End of Summer & Fall Candle Haul

Hello hello!

Today I have a quick candle haul to share. I called this the end of  Summer and Fall candle haul because I got scents for both seasons. The more summer ones are really good for all year, or good ones to transition into Fall with. I'm really excited and can't wait for Fall since it's my favorite season, so I really wanted Fall scents the most.  P.s. Since last Fall, I've finished up 25 candles. I made it a point to finish up as many candles as I could because I obviously had an excessive amount.

The top two candles in this stack are from Bath & Body Works and the bottom three are from Walmart from a brand called 719 Walnut Ave. I swear to god these are exactly the same as the BBW ones. They smell amazing and are only $4.99. Go smell them, buy them, and thank me later.

Top Row (bbw)-
The first candle is called Incense and this is one that my hubby actually picked out. It's Pachouli and Balck Pepper and this smells amazing. It has that incense scent but it's not as strong as when you burn actual inscense. I burn incense almost everyday, so this candle is nice to have if I don't want an over powering scent.
The second from BBW is Pumpkin Cupcake. I had to get at least one Pumpkin Scent and I do like to have at least one sweet scent in my collection to burn.

Bottom row (walnut ave)-
The first one is called Rustic Lake House and is described as cedar, citrus, and green moss. It has a bit of a cologne/earthy scent but it's very light and clean. These types of candles are nice if I'm tired of smelling a sweet or fruity scent.
Next is Country Market, and this is one I picked up last year too and really loved it. This is is described as juicy berries and watermelon, and I think it's great for both Summer and Fall.
Last is Apple Delight. I think this is another one that could be for Summer or Fall, but I'm waiting until Fall to burn it!

The Fall scents at BBW didn't excite me much this year. I love their Leaves and Autumn scents but I just finished up mine that I had from last year. I almost picked up Mahagonay Apple, but the more I smelled it, the more it smelled like beer/hard apple cider LOL. Their website seems to have more scents that I'm interested in that weren't in my local store.

So this is my little candle haul that I'm ridiculously excited about.  Have you picked up any Fall candles yet? Which scents are your favorite?

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