Friday, September 15, 2017

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mask Review

Hello! Today we are talking about some skincare! Specifically a mask that I've been using lately.

I heard about Formula 10.0.6 a few years ago and have always wanted to try their skin care but kind of forgot about it for a while. I was looking for a new face mask at Ulta and found a display of this brand. I have to admit that I was kind of drawn on by their packaging because it's fun and colorful but so simple, and that this was a bit of an impulse buy. But upon reading their website, they claim to use fresh and natural ingredients, which is a total win in my book. However, they were a bit vague in this description so I'm not sure how 100% these claims are! This is also a super affordable brand, and that's always a plus!

On to the mask I bought!

When I use face masks, I prefer to use some type of mud mask. I chose the Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask.
About this mask from Formula 10.0.6 website
"Pores Be Pure is the skin-clarifying mud mask that helps to eliminate impurities and clear blocked pores. With the help of Strawberry, Yarrow, and Rosemary, Pores Be Pure provides your skin with instant complexion perfections. Packed with anti-oxidants for clear skin."
I chose this one because when I was looking at the ingredients, I saw this mask had Kaolin Clay in it, which my skin responds well to. They also had another mask, called Deep Down Detox, which was also a mud mask containing Kaolin, and was orange scented. I chose the Pores Be Pure because I thought the strawberry scent sounded better. 

My Thoughts-
Overall, I enjoy this mask, but it isn't anything special. I really love the way it smells with the Strawberry scent. I can't smell the yarrow (I don't even know what yarrow smells like?) or the rosemary, which is nice. The scent is very light and not overpowering. 
This mask does feel a little bit tingly/hot on my face but it's nothing serious and doesn't bothers me. I've had masks that burn before and I can't deal with those, but this one is okay. The sensation goes away after it's been on my face for a minute or two. 
My skin does feel really nice and clean after using this, but I haven't really seen any changes in my skin. I'll definitely finish this up, and I do want to try more from this brand. I say if you want to try this out, it's worth a try but I'm not sure if I'd repurchase it! 

Have you tried any products from Formula 10.06 before? If so leave your thoughts on them in the comments! 

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